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This is how the new vessel repair hub is boosting the PE economy

The new vessel repair facilities in the Port of PE is not only a positive step towards a thriving vessel maintenance and marine engineering hub but is evidently also going to boost the local economy in the long term.

With the final part of this R200m project completed about a year ago, it is now showing a return on investment.

Says project manager, Pieter-Ben van Rhijn: “We have serviced more than 140 local and foreign fishing vessels since the completion of the facilities in April 2016. This is in line with our expectations of the growing need among the fishing fraternity. The boat hoist is capable of lifting up to 90-tonne vessels from the docking bay.”

Waterfront attraction

Located in the precinct envisioned to form part of the waterfront development, this buzz of activity will create the ideal attraction in a waterfront marina. It is in line with Transnet’s Smart People Port’s concept of integrating port operations and leisure and recreation.

Port of PE transitions into smart port

In line with the national strategy for South Africa's ports, the creation of a smart port in Port Elizabeth (as seen in Europe and the Far East) will embrace smart energy, logistics, processes, environment and management...

13 Mar 2017

Unlocking economic potential

The replacement of the 130-year-old 1,200-tonne lead-in jetties and the upgrade of the 40-tonne slipway started in November 2014 as part of Operations Phakisa. This initiative focuses on unlocking the economic potential of SA’s oceans by stimulating economic growth and creating jobs.

Altogether, 82 direct job opportunities were created as a result of the project and indirect job opportunities to the equivalent of 19,183 man days.

Other benefits

The jetties, which extend the life of the slipway, were constructed at a lower level to create additional berthing space and at the same time provide opportunities to perform wet repairs.

The boat maintenance slab was increased in size and can now accommodate a minimum of ten vessels at a time (depending on size), as opposed to two vessels currently accommodated on the slipway. Efficiency and productivity have reportedly also improved with less risk of damage.
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