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Magatte Wade , Economics, Africa and its Future...

Magatte Wade , Economics, Africa and its Future...

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    Maersk buys containers to provide for expected increase in trade

    The Maersk Group has purchased 20,000 new containers for global distribution, with the first 170 arriving soon in South Africa.
    Maersk buys containers to provide for expected increase in trade
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    According to Matthew Conroy, trade manager of Maersk Group Southern Africa, South African exports and imports are expected to pick up in 2015 due to slight increasing trade demand from neighbouring African countries, China, Middle East and Europe. "We expect that the majority of the new containers will primarily service the local fruit industry, as well as the retail and fishing sectors."

    He says that the new containers will ensure efficient service and availability for Maersk Group clients, and will enable goods to be transported more timeously and reliably. "The increased number of containers available in South Africa will ensure that there is availability for clients, and will result in various opportunities for clients going forward."

    Significant investment

    Conroy says that the containers are worth $400m, and are a significant investment into South Africa as they will aid trade in various industries, therefore benefiting the growth of the local economy.

    He says the newly purchased containers are refrigerated, which will support agricultural export growth, particularly fruit. "We expect that the containers will aid the growth of fruit exports out of the country as citrus, grapes, apples and pears continue to be the key segments of the South African refrigerated exports, representing 20% of the exports to global markets. Grapes in particular have experienced a year-on-year increase in demand of 15-20% in 2015.

    "We expect to see an uptick in both imports and exports in 2015, and with these new containers we will enable clients to take advantage of the opportunities present within their industries," concludes Conroy.

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