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New legal association launches in Cape Town

In response to the ever-changing South African legal environment, the Cape Town Legal Practitioners Association (CTLPA), comprising four legal professionals, has been launched in the Mother City.
Founding members of CTLPA, left to right: Tafadzwa Zingoni (De Klerk & van Gend Attorneys), Sophie Robertson (De Beer Attorneys), Natalie Macdonald Govender (De Beer Attorneys), and Abduraouph Kamaar (De Beer Attorneys).

At the end of 2018, the new Legal Practice Act 28 of 2014 (LPA) came into effect, bringing about new and dramatic changes to the legal industry, leaving practitioners uncertain as to how the changes will be practically implemented. In this light, the CTLPA was formed to act as a voice for legal practitioners, including attorneys, advocates and legal advisors, to serve the Cape Town legal community, and represent practitioners when liaising with the Law Society of South Africa.

The founding members of CTLPA include Tafadzwa Zingoni (De Klerk & van Gend Attorneys), Sophie Robertson (De Beer Attorneys), Natalie Macdonald-Govender (De Beer Attorneys), and Abduraouph Kamaar (De Beer Attorneys).

Natalie Macdonald-Govender, an associate at De Beer Attorneys, who previously served as the chairperson of the Cape Town Candidate Attorneys Association, says her hopes for the CTLPA are to serve members of the legal fraternity by providing advocacy and practical training opportunities. “One thing is clear, which is that legal professionals desire more practical experience - both during their studies and once qualified. The CTLPA will provide advocacy training, practical workplace and legal training, as well as assist legal practitioners to keep up to date with technology in view of the digital transformation era,” says Macdonald-Govender.

The CTLPA also aims to assist legal practitioners by providing opportunities for professional development, networking events and promotion of corporate social investment projects within the legal fraternity. “Reinforcing values that practitioners were taught from an ethical and moral perspective, is a key part of our mission,” says Abduraouph Kamaar, a senior trademark associate at De Beer Attorneys.

Attorneys and advocates can apply to be a member of the CTLPA by completing a simple application form. Professional training and workshops will be hosted in various locations in the CBD. For more information email az.gro.apltc@ofni.



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