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City of Cape Town identifies 'high emission culprits'

Almost 8,000 diesel vehicles have been tested for dark smoke emissions in the Western Cape. The 12-month long testing found 68 failures and R30,000 in fines issued by the City of Cape Town.
City of Cape Town identifies 'high emission culprits'
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The efforts were part of the Air Quality Management Plan for the Western Cape. This plan details the exact goals and initiatives aimed at lowering fuel emissions and increasing ‘clean and healthy air for all in the Western Cape’.

Black smoke emissions from a vehicle’s exhaust are a key contributing factor to air pollution and climate change.

Test results

The test revealed less than 1% failure rate for excessive fuel emissions.

The majority of the 7,904 vehicles tested were heavy-duty trucks. Of the 68 failures (emitting dark smoke), 40 were fleet vehicles where the owner had requested the test. In such cases, owners were served with repair notices, instead of fines. These cars were also tested on a private road.

The diesel emissions testing unit also served 28 section 56 summonses. This in terms of the Criminal Procedures Act for failure to comply with emissions standards.

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