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China's true Tesla rival: Zeekr 001

Many of China's electric vehicles will never be seen outside of the world's most populous country. But Geely's Zeek is not one of those domestic heroes.
China's true Tesla rival: Zeekr 001

As an established Chinese automotive company with global reach and Volvo’s technical resources, Geely plans to rival Tesla in many markets.

The first step to achieving this is Geely’s Zeekr sub-brand. Its debut electric vehicle is the numerically badged 001 and it projects no ambiguity about Tesla being a target.

If you are a keen follower of all things Geely, some styling themes on the 001 link to the Chinese company’s other sub-brand, Lynk & Co.

Overall proportions are what you would expect from a five-door electric vehicle, without any radical design features. There is even an implied grille, instead of a solid panel nose section.

Beyond the mildly handsome overall appearance, the Zeekr 001 has some impressive core vehicle numbers. Power sources from a 100kWh battery pack and Geely claim this will give the 001 a very generous 700 km of driving range.

If you want to deplete that range number rapidly, you could use all the 001’s available performance. An electric motor at each axle nets the 001 a total system output of 400kW and 768Nm. Those numbers are potent enough for a benchmark 0-100 kph sprint of only 3.8 seconds.

Geely has equipped the 001 with an 880v vehicle architecture. That means if you do happen to find a 360 kW rapid-charger, the 001 will replenish battery energy from 10- to 80% of capacity in only 30 minutes.

With entirely passable looks, potent performance and adequate driving range, the Zeekr 001 could become a breakthrough global electric vehicle from China. And it is not an advanced concept. Geely is already busy building the first consignment of Zeekr 001s, in China. Ready for export.

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