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Mango increases flights to Zanzibar

As of 8 March 2017, Mango Airlines will be increasing its flights to the island of Zanzibar. Travellers can expect the addition of a Thursday 10am flight to the existing Tuesday and Saturday departures from OR Tambo International Airport - this will enable seamless connections from other South African cities such as Cape Town and Durban.
Mango increases flights to Zanzibar
©4758892 via Pixabay

Marketing head of Mango Airlines, Benediction Zubane, details why the exotic island of Zanzibar has become increasing popular with South Africans, far and wide: “Zanzibar has captivated the hearts of holidaymakers and wanderlusts from all around the world, but no more so than the adventurous Africans who call it the “fabled land of spices".

“It is said that during the Age of Exploration, the Portuguese Empire took control of the island until the 1600s. Then came the Sultanate of Oman who took control of the island and who commanded that various spice plantations were cultivated.

“So, it goes without saying that when visiting the island of spices, a spice plantation is a must-see. Stone Town offers a three-hour tour by a friendly, informed and professional tour guide – far from a dull tour, it is dubbed a ‘sensation of the senses’ as you get the chance to touch, smell, and taste the many spices and the complementing tropical fruits all grown on the island. The tour will give you a good insight into what makes the local food so delicious."

Encouraging meaningful connections

“If you are a Mango millennial traveller, chances are that eco-tourism is high on your list. Eco-tourism refers to ecologically sensitive travel that uniquely combines being aware of your footprint on the land, and encouraging a sensitivity to traditional cultures of the people you encounter. Part of visiting a new destination is trying new things, and by doing this in an eco-friendly manner, you can make a difference by supporting tourism that is not harmful to the environment and is supportive of local communities. If you are interested in experiences that will encourage meaningful connections with local people and offer a greater understanding of cultural, social and environmental issues, then Zanzibar will check all these boxes.

“And when all else is done, beach, beach and more beach! This fun and vibrant exotic island offers kilometres of magnificent beaches, coupled with water delights such as scuba diving, snorkelling, deep sea fishing, kayaking, windsurfing, water-skiing and sailing on traditional local ‘dhows’. These are hand carved boats made by the locals as far back as anyone can remember.

As the sun sets on your dream holiday, return home satisfied, knowing that you have filled your holiday with an adventure, and your heart with a piece of Zanzibar,” concludes Zubane.

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