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Cape Town's Somerset Hospital in urgent need of funds

Cape Town's Somerset Hospital is asking companies to donate upwards of R50 000 towards new equipment for the hospital.
Somerset hospital is a regional hospital that delivers a quality health service and provides training, teaching and learning platform for under -and post graduate health students. Somerset Hospital is the oldest hospital in Cape Town having been established in 1856. The hospital carries a staff of 560 and services approximately 650 000 people.

Somerset Hospital works with underprivileged. Our patients come from Langa, De Noon, Vanguard Drive areas, Atlantis and up the West Coast as far as Vredenburg (over 90% of our patients come from previously disadvantaged areas). We also have the Cape CBD, Tableview, Milnerton and surrounding areas. We cover the areas previously covered by the now closed Conradie Hospital. Unless we have a trauma case i.e. car accident, heart attacks, etc. the patients from this hospital come from extremely poor backgrounds. Our volunteer section helps with clothing and transport if need be. We are also busy setting up a mothers Ward, where mothers of babies in paediatrics can stay while their children are here as most of them live far away and are unable to afford the transport to and from the hospital. +/- 40% of the children that land up in our paediatric, neonatal and ICU wards are HIV positive, about 10% are currently on ARV's and we have on average 100 children in our wards on any given day. Our hospital also serves as the overflow hospital for Groote Schuur and Red Cross Children's hospital. 40-50% of all our patients including paediatrics are diagnosed as HIV positive.


Our trauma & theatre Units are the heart of the hospital. Most patients coming to the hospital will pass through the Trauma Unit. It is here that a patient will be assessed and depending on the severity of their illness, how they will be treated. The Trauma Unit has been the focus of the Somerset Hospital Board's fundraising drive. We have been able to supply the unit with an X-ray, diagnostic and monitoring equipment to the value of R2 million. We are still in urgent need of an Ultra sound machine. This is needed for a variety of problems including, high trauma accidents, TB in HIV patients and pregnant mothers. Without the Ultra Sound doctors cannot correctly diagnose and treat many life threatening problems. The cost of the equipment is machine is R360 000.
The hospital needs R4 million to purchase equipment for area's such as Trauma and Theatre.


We are in desperate need of a Spontaneous Miscarriage Ward/Uterine Evacuation facility. Our hospital has on average 4-5 pregnant women per day who have either gone into spontaneous miscarriage or who need their uterus scraped. Currently we are using our main theatres to treat the patients but this is causing congestion at the theatres, resulting in other operations having to be postponed or delayed. In a hospital where every operation is urgent, delays can be life threatening. To alleviate this problem we wish to set up a separate facility. The unit will be on the fifth floor of the hospital and will incorporate a mini theatre, a 5 bed recovery unit and very importantly a Comfort Room. The loss of a child is highly traumatic and having a space where the parents can have privacy and counseling is important for the well being of the mother and family. The cost of the ward will be R500 000.


This is a very sustainable project as the equipment will have a life span of no less than 10 years. We have extremely dedicated doctors and staff who are doing incredible work and with the partnerships of corporations will be able to offer excellent medical services to our patients. With regard to long term benefits, Somerset Hospital will be the Emergency Hospital to all 2010 World Cup fixtures held at Green Point Stadium. This in itself has a huge publicity prospect for your company due to the massive exposure the World Cup receives. As a Company you will know how important it is to accumulate B.E.E. POINTS and your donation will not only get you the points but is also a 100% tax deductible and a Section 18a SARS receipt will be issued. Most importantly: YOUR CONTRIBUTION WILL HELP SAVE THE LIVES OF COUNTLESS PATIENTS.
We are asking your company to assist us with the maximum financial support in order for us to reach our goal in the shortest possible time.

Because of the urgency of the equipment needed we are asking our potential sponsors to look at donations of R50 000 to R500 000 or more.

Please contact:
Trevor Pols
Somerset Hospital Fundraising Office
P.O. Box 51679, Waterfront, 8002
Telephone: (021) 4255048
Fax: (021) 4255042

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