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Online media monitoring for Africa

Trinitas Consulting, together with global media monitoring and analysis services Media Proof, London, recently announced that it will launch Media Proof Africa this month. Media Proof provides PR agencies, corporates, clipping agencies and research companies with a comprehensive online media aggregation and analysis service.
The new company will provide services to governments, organisations and private companies operating in Africa.

“Africa is becoming a very attractive expansion option for companies,” says Frances Wright, MD of Trinitas Consulting.

“We have noticed a demand for media monitoring and analysis services from companies that are expanding into African markets and need to manage media perception, business opportunities and competitive activity in these markets.”

“Media monitoring goes beyond simply monitoring media perception”, continues Wright. “Companies are looking for a way to use public information platforms to gather information about themselves, their industry and their competitors, and to use that information to help them monitor their business growth.

“This information is of huge value when it can be applied to their plans for market expansion, monitoring sales and marketing performance, or even identifying operational issues within their organisation, such as: distribution channels or product availability.”

Information scanned from broadcast and Internet sources is delivered to customers online, with Mediaproof Africa providing analysis and consulting services. “This is a very powerful yet easy to use system that will help clients use public information to their advantage,” explains Wright.

“C-level management constantly questions the value of media activity, and this tool will, we believe, answer that question/s more accurately than before.”

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