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How to identify a trend

In my own experience, I identify a trend based on an initial intuition, but I always combine intuition with research...

By Andre van der Merwe 14 Dec 2018

More data, more cloud, more IT demands - Welcome to 2019!

Chief technology officers may arguably have the coolest job in their organisations...

By John Roese and Glen Robson 14 Dec 2018

What's ahead for cyber security in 2019?

What lies ahead for companies, governments and individuals regarding cybersecurity in 2019?

By Brian Pinnock 13 Dec 2018

Will 2019 will be the year of the data-driven digital ecosystem?

It's that time of year - our planet has made its trip around the sun and as we close out 2018, we look ahead and think about the possibilities for 2019...

By Jeff Clarke 7 Dec 2018

BizTrendsLIVE! January 2019 speaker line up

Bizcommunity invites you to join us as four 'Afro-futurists', all published authors, all experienced global keynote speakers and trend consultants, impart their knowledge in one intensive morning session...

Issued by Bizcommunity.com 6 Dec 2018

Trends empowering intelligent transformation

A new age is dawning. For big companies, the oncoming era will require new skill sets, technologies, alignments and business models...

By Jim Holland 3 Dec 2018

Tech trends that are part of our daily lives

At the beginning of 2018, technology concepts and concerns such as cybersecurity, artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud computing were on the tips of everyone's tongues...

23 Nov 2018

ICO predictions for 2019

The world of cryptos seems to always be in flux. There's a lot of doom and gloom talk about the cryptoverse...

19 Nov 2018

Bizcommunity Recruitment in Africa Focus

A comprehensive B2B Recruitment Focus from December 2018 to February 2019 will ensure that Bizcommunity is the go-to destination for all the B2B news you'll need to plan your HR and recruitment strategies in 2019...

Issued by Bizcommunity.com 23 Oct 2018

Moving towards a synchronized society for the connected generation

Technology trends and changes in human behaviour are inseparable and synonymous with innovation...

By Lwazi Piti 18 Oct 2018

Top 10 trends in digital commerce

Much has changed since the first products were sold online in the 1990s...

By Sandy Shen 17 Oct 2018

The best Biz summer holiday (content) package ever!

Feeling a bit state-capsized, swept along by more waves than a cryptocurrency chart? Here are some life-saving festive content ideas...

Issued by Bizcommunity.com 15 Oct 2018

Building credibility in a fast-moving ICT sector

In today's ICT business landscape, credibility is hard to achieve and even harder to maintain in the long run...

By Steve Briggs 5 Oct 2018

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