MD of Master Data Management He is passionate about Information Communication Technology (ICT) and more specifically data quality, data management and data governance.
Crunch time for retailers to harness the power of location intelligence

Location intelligence leverages the location of customers, products and services to perform planning and analytics that enhance the customer experience, explains Master Data Management's MD...

By Gary Allemann 18 Jun 2021

PoPIA: 5 concrete steps to start your journey today

With a month to go before the Protection of Personal Information Act (PoPIA) comes into effect on 1 July, companies that have left their compliance programm to the last minute can follow these steps...

By Gary Allemann 31 May 2021

Effective WFH streamlined through data management as the next frontier

Data management should deliver an increase in the understanding of the forces shaping markets and businesses. This knowledge will help companies outsmart competitors...

By Gary Allemann 8 Mar 2021

Location intelligence can help retailers thrive in an uncertain world

One thing the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us is that relying solely on insight driven by historical behaviour is no longer viable...

By Gary Allemann 4 Sep 2020

Data governance is key to differentiating your customer experience

Customer Experience (CX) has become critical to business success...

By Gary Allemann 20 Mar 2020

Is it time to take information governance seriously?

With investor confidence dented by a string of scandals involving JSE listed companies, could a more rigorous focus on best practice information governance rebuild trust?

By Gary Allemann 10 Jul 2019

How does data quality underpin success in a changing and disrupted banking environment?

The banking industry is currently in a state of flux. Traditional banks have to contend with new competitors unburdened by legacy technology or business models, making them far more agile and responsive...

By Gary Allemann 1 Jul 2019

Data governance, CX and a tale of data in the insurance industry

Insurance is typically something people resent having to spend money on and is therefore often seen as a grudge purchase...

By Gary Allemann 12 Apr 2019

Four steps to data transformation

Within the realm of data management, there is one area that is often overlooked - data transformation...

By Gary Allemann 11 Jan 2019

British Airways highlights need for GDPR compliance

Earlier this year, Liberty Life became one of the first global firms to suffer a major breach under General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)...

By Gary Allemann 7 Nov 2018

Data Management - are you seeing the real value?

The business value of data is unquestionable...

By Gary Allemann 15 Oct 2018

It's not about quantity, it's about quality of data in retail

Consumers share data across multiple channels when they research, review and purchase products online. This adds an additional layer to an already large, complex volume of data through which retailers have to trawl to in order to get the business insights they require...

By Gary Allemann 23 Mar 2016

Every business is driven by data

The term 'data-driven' has emerged to describe a decision making process that is compelled by evidence (data) rather than by intuition. It has received particular attention in marketing...

By Gary Allemann 15 Mar 2016

Data governance as a practice is maturing

Data is now widely acknowledged as an asset and as such, businesses are increasingly embarking on data governance strategies...

By Gary Allemann 1 Dec 2015

Leveraging big data for better business decisions in marketing

Big data and the benefits it can deliver for business...

By Gary Allemann 5 Nov 2015

Using GIS to enhance the customer experience

Today's economy is highly challenging for the majority of businesses, from retailers to service providers and everyone between...

By Gary Allemann 15 Sep 2015

Quality Data: Differentiating banks from mobile operators

Traditional financial institutions are fighting a war against mobile operators for the lucrative mobile payments market in Africa...

By Gary Allemann 3 Sep 2015

The Data Management Benchmark Survey has launched

As a vast discipline, data management covers everything from established roles such as database administration to emerging platforms...

By Gary Allemann 15 Jul 2015

Data Quality landscape highlights key battlegrounds in billion dollar market

The 2015 Data Quality Landscape report from Information Difference provides insights into the $1 billion a year data quality market...

By Gary Allemann 14 Jul 2015

Geocoding is vital to understanding your customer

Geocoding is not new to the South African market; however its use has historically been relegated to the Geographical Information Systems (GIS) team and had limited use within mainstream business...

By Gary Allemann 1 Apr 2015

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