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Unpacking ETI tax relief

The latest Covid-19 tax relief measures announced by Treasury have brought about some much-needed relief for employers. The increased Employment Tax Incentive (ETI) is a form of relief which all employers should harness...

By Bobby Wessels 29 May 2020

TERS payments are exempt from PAYE

Businesses registered with the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) that are suffering financial distress as a direct result of the Covid-19 pandemic qualify to receive financial relief from the Temporary Employee / Employer Relief Scheme...

By Graeme Palmer 25 May 2020

Further tax measures to combat impact of Covid-19

As part of the second phase economic response to the Covid-19 pandemic, National Treasury has published another draft bill to formalise the tax relief measures available to small businesses. The draft legislation aims to clarify several matters which were previously the subject of uncertainty and introduces additional tax measures...

By Juanita van der Merwe 8 May 2020

Covid-19: How to manage 'place of effective management' tax risk during lockdown

Under South African domestic law, a company will be tax resident in SA if it is incorporated in SA or has its "place of effective management" in SA...

By Anne Bennett, Donald Fisher-Jeffes and Neo Penn 7 May 2020

Further tax measures to provide support

Finance Minister Tito Mboweni has provided more details on the second set of measures that are aimed at assisting individuals and businesses through the Covid-19 pandemic...

23 Apr 2020

Tax relief for PBOs providing Covid-19 disaster aid

Income tax and donations tax relief measures have been made available for donors and qualifying Public Benefit Organisations (PBOs) established to assist with Covid-19 disaster relief efforts...

By Riette Engels-Van Zyl 15 Apr 2020

VAT relief for essential services

According to the South African Revenue Service (SARS), businesses that import essential goods do not have to pay VAT on these imported goods...

8 Apr 2020

The Bizcommunity: Not taking lockdown lying down

In true South African spirit, even in times of adversity, daily stories of generosity and ingenuity abound. Never have we been more proud of how business communities are using our publishing platforms than since the outbreak of the Covid-19 coronavirus...

Issued by 6 Apr 2020

Covid-19 and what it means for tax in the mining industry

During the 21-day lockdown period, mining operations in South Africa will scale down significantly. The effect on deep-level mines will probably be most significant as coal mines supplying Eskom will continue to operate, albeit at a reduced level.

By Adéle de Jager, 1 Apr 2020

Review of excessive debt financing rules

Tax is an important factor when a business decides whether to use debt or equity financing...

By Graeme Palmer 25 Mar 2020

SA lockdown - Assisting small businesses and employees through tax system

The effect of South Africa's Covid-19 lockdown on businesses and their employees will be harsh, so the government will be taking several steps to support individuals and small businesses...

By Jana Botha 24 Mar 2020

#Budget2020 highlights...

"Ex Africa Semper aliquid novi," winning requires hard work, focus, time, patience and resilience. Finance Minister Tito Mboweni delivered his National Budget Speech on 26 February 2020, leaving South African taxpayers pleased by the implementation of tax relief on personal income tax, but disappointing those who indulge in alcoholic beverages and heated tobacco products...

By Virusha Subban, Jana Botha, and Prenisha Govender 27 Feb 2020

Redemption Allowance to be reviewed

Mining by its nature requires large initial capital outlays and in recognition of this the Income Tax Act provides for an accelerated deduction of such capital expenditure by miners...

27 Feb 2020

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