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#OrchidsandOnions: Betting their soles on boots
#OrchidsandOnions: Betting their soles on bootsArticle

Recognition: Selling unsexy products with flair is an art; Onions on way for PR people who ignore golden rule: Know the media platform you are targeting...

Brendan Seery 12 Apr 2021

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PR swaggers in as content loses its crownArticle

Sasha Kupritz, public relations specialist at TenacityPR argues that PR should be at the heart of any content-led initiative...

Sasha Kupritz 8 Oct 2020

What does POPIA mean for the communications industry?
What does POPIA mean for the communications industry?Article

The novel additions to the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) that came into effect on 1 July 2020 aims to protect companies against data breach and the misuse of personal information...

16 Jul 2020

#OrchidsandOnions: Ads give lots to crow about
#OrchidsandOnions: Ads give lots to crow aboutArticle

Takeaway chicken: KFC, Nando's get tongues wagging and mouths watering...

Brendan Seery 9 Mar 2020

Chris Moerdyk
Marketing is in chaos. Especially advertising, PR and sponsorshipArticle

The marketing environment in South Africa is in chaos. There is no other way of describing the loss of R50bn a year through ill-considered strategy, bad advertising and lack of research...

Chris Moerdyk 25 Feb 2020

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#OrchidsandOnions: Campaign that hits the spotArticle

Powerful: People Opposing Woman Abuse activation deserving of an Orchid...

Brendan Seery 3 Dec 2019

Mo Flava up on stage at Heavy Chef and Discovery Business Insurance's Inspire Sessions event. ©
The Inspire Sessions: How to attain influence, wield it and use it to grow your businessArticle

This Discovery Business Insurance and Heavy Chef's 'Inspire' Sessions event centred around influence - how to attain it, how to wield it and how to grow your business through using influencer marketing...

Juanita Pienaar 3 Oct 2019

Chris Moerdyk
PR and ad agencies don't understand their clientsArticle

One of the greatest disconnects in the world of marketing is the lack of understanding by PR and advertising agencies of their clients...

Chris Moerdyk 15 Feb 2019

5 PR trends to look forward to in 2019
5 PR trends to look forward to in 2019Article

2018 oversaw the continued evolution of what it is to be a PR professional, as it became more influenced by digital elements, social media and marketing...

mamahlatse marokane 31 Dec 2018

Clover Nolac.
#OrchidsandOnions: Clover's ad is cheesy, but to the pointArticle

And Momentum, no matter how good your damage control eventually was, you get the Ford Kuga Memorial Reputation Management Onion...

Brendan Seery 27 Nov 2018

Chris Moerdyk
The value of PR in the new media spaceArticle

The value of public relations is increasing by leaps and bounds in the overall marketing mix thanks to a combination of social media and a move by marketers to engage directly with their customers...

Chris Moerdyk 25 Oct 2018

Michelle Cavé, running in heels from one city to another…
#BehindtheSelfie with... Michelle CavéArticle

This week we find out what's really going on behind the selfie with Jill-of-all-trades technophile Michelle Cavé, founder of and PR consultant at Brandfundi boutique PR and marketing agency...

Leigh Andrews 10 Apr 2018

10 lessons from a successful crowdfunding campaign
10 lessons from a successful crowdfunding campaignArticle

After about 45 days of extreme effort, intense co-ordinating, crazy ideas and good luck, we managed to complete the most successful rewards-based crowdfunding campaign in South Africa to date with Sugarbird Gin...

Rob Heyns 15 Jan 2018

How to manage your career in a corporate crisis
How to manage your career in a corporate crisisArticle

Your company is embroiled in a reputational crisis of such magnitude it could bring down the business and with it your previously stellar career as a senior executive ... what do you do to protect your own good name...?

Auguste Coetzer 9 Oct 2017

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#OrchidsandOnions: Share generously... but not with the idiot on the moon orbiting Planet Out of TouchArticle

According to the latest TV ad for Mugg & Bean, every day we share five billion things online. There is no indication of who this “we” is. If it is South Africans, then we each share an average of 100 bits of information a day. That sounds way too high...

Brendan Seery 18 Jul 2017

Stockholm Syndrome: alive and well in the PR industry
Stockholm Syndrome: alive and well in the PR industryArticle

What is it about us PR people that makes us fall on our proverbial swords at the very sniff of client conflict...

James Wilson 12 Oct 2016

Screengrabs from the ad
[Orchids & Onions] Kudos to RMB founders for leading the wayArticle

The interaction with their audience strikes the right chord...

Brendan Seery 19 Sep 2016

Chris Moerdyk
A press release is really just a last resortArticle

Far too many PR people these days still believe that press releases are mainly what media relations are all about. They are wrong. Very wrong...

Chris Moerdyk 30 Aug 2016

Gooding-Kobus with WE SA's GM, James Wilson
PR in the boardroom - pipedream or reality?Article

As they exited the lift, the alarm and pitch in their voices made me think there was a medical emergency, or that a woman had gone into labour in the foyer of our hotel. "Our lives are over if we don't get this right. We're dead, dude," barks ad man one. "That's right," intercepts ad man two, "We're about to miss the print deadline." And so began my Loeries Creative Week at the Elangeni Hotel in Durban...

Sarah Gooding-Kobus 29 Aug 2016

Chris Moerdyk
Boards of directors need to stop being in denial about social mediaArticle

PR people and other corporate marketers need to work harder on getting their boards of directors to stop being in denial about social media and the digital world...

Chris Moerdyk 27 Jul 2016

UCT GetSmarter PR course offers online access to latest thinking
UCT GetSmarter PR course offers online access to latest thinkingArticle

Staying on top of the new world of public relations requires effort to keep up with industry change or best practice and new tools and platforms...

17 Jun 2016

From bananas to glue... it's PR's time
From bananas to glue... it's PR's timeArticle

There has never, in my mind been a clearer time for PR. In the Wizard of Oz, everyone and thing was controlled by a small man pulling the strings and our world was like that, but today is not the case anymore...

Danette Breitenbach 15 Apr 2016

[Orchids & Onions] You are at Liberty to rewind, reflect, refocus
[Orchids & Onions] You are at Liberty to rewind, reflect, refocusArticle

It's hard not to be a cynic at this time of year, when the season of goodwill is hijacked by marketers...

Brendan Seery 11 Jan 2016

[Communications] PR: the job for the decade
[Communications] PR: the job for the decadeArticle

This is the time for PR to shine. There has never been a more challenging space, nor a time when public relations skills in earned media are critical in the content revolution sweeping the marketing communications industry globally...

Louise Marsland 26 Oct 2015

Chris Moerdyk
Forget words, consumers like picturesArticle

Times have changed, but only a few advertisers and PR people have realised it, with the rest continuing their outdated obsession with the written word...

Chris Moerdyk 24 Aug 2015

Welcome back to mass media via social media
Welcome back to mass media via social mediaArticle

In the early 90s I sat in the Communication Science class and in the late 90s I sat in the Advertising specialisation class. Both in these instances it was drummed into my mind that 'mass media is dead, long live niche media!...

Musa Msane 25 Jun 2015

Chris Moerdyk
This is why CEOs laugh at marketers, PR and ad peopleArticle

Marketers, PR people and especially ad agencies are breaking the first rule of their own trade by not talking to their target markets in a language they understand. It's so bad it's the equivalent of running Croatian soap powder ads in Peru...

Chris Moerdyk 9 Jun 2015

What went into The Lime Envelope brand refresh?
What went into The Lime Envelope brand refresh?Article

If you thought the hard work was over once you'd done your initial brand website development, think again. The Lime Envelope's agency director Sarah Martin tells us why it's important to refresh your branding every so often...

Leigh Andrews 28 May 2015

Chris Moerdyk
CEOs need social media shock tacticsArticle

Right now, far too many CEOs think social media is just a passing teenage fad but what they are seeing is the tip of an iceberg that will sink their corporate ship if they continue to ignore it...

Chris Moerdyk 8 May 2015

Keri-Ann Stanton
Growing brand belief - the core of PRArticle

Campaigns are exciting but it is SACRILEGE to build a campaign community and then not talk to them until the next campaign. We are all guilty of it...

Keri-Ann Stanton 21 Apr 2015

[Orchids & Onions] PR hack attack shows a tragic lack of suss
[Orchids & Onions] PR hack attack shows a tragic lack of sussArticle

It's interesting how different ads are received and perceived by different people. I saw this first-hand this week when my wife complained about the latest TV commercial of Mazda's cute and funky Mazda 2 car...

Brendan Seery 7 Apr 2015

[Orchids & Onions] Justify it with real figures for it all to add up
[Orchids & Onions] Justify it with real figures for it all to add upArticle

I often get breathlessly excited news releases from digital agencies puffing out their chests about some clever campaign. What is often absent from these announcements is figures...

Brendan Seery 31 Mar 2015

[Behind the Selfie] with... Craig Dummett
[Behind the Selfie] with... Craig DummettArticle

This week, we find out what's really going on behind the selfie with Craig Dummett, Director of Dummett & Co...

Leigh Andrews 18 Mar 2015

Jess Mouneimne
When getting PR on a trending topic goes very right and very wrongArticle

Two major pieces of news went viral this month, the Cape Town fires and the colour of that (white and gold) dress...

Jess Mouneimne 12 Mar 2015

Cécile Missildine
[Trends 2015] It's integrated communications or bustArticle

South African communications agencies need to evolve and adapt their skill set to match global expectations and the global industry transition across the media and marketing communications...

Cécile Missildine 9 Jan 2015

Chris Moerdyk
(Not) in praise of the ubiquitous, obfuscating press releaseArticle

PR people and their clients need some serious mentoring on how they can both profit once ego and stupidity have been removed from the equation...

Chris Moerdyk 4 Sep 2014

Lucinda Boddy
Dear Journo...Article

This letter has been a long time coming...

Lucinda Boddy 19 Jun 2014

Judith Middleton
Why I'll never go big: what 10 years of running DUO has taught me about work and lifeArticle

A decade ago I decided to open a small niche PR agency focused on Cape Town's then-burgeoning technology sector. Reaching the milestone has given me pause for thought...

Judith Middleton, Issued by DUO Marketing + Communications 15 May 2014

Peter Mann
As the economy bites - keep your PR at all costsArticle

The collapsing rand, interest-rate hikes, petrol-price increases, food-price inflation, balance-of-payments deficits - all spell a disastrously tough year for marketers...

Peter Mann 4 Feb 2014

Marion Scher
Are you getting bang for your PR buck?Article

When I hold media release writing courses I always ask the delegates to send me examples of their work beforehand for 'workshopping' during the course.

Marion Scher 23 Oct 2013

Chris Moerdyk
Why Numsa is calling BMW's bluffArticle

Most business people in South Africa with even the slightest capitalist leanings would have been horrified at the sheer arrogance of the National Union of Metal Workers (Numsa) response to BMW's announcement that it might reconsider further investment in South Africa due to loss of production through labour unrest.

Chris Moerdyk 8 Oct 2013

The power of a brand
The power of a brandArticle

Never underestimate the power of a brand. This is the message to all business owners from Marie Yossava, founder and owner of Grapevine Communications, a Johannesburg PR and communications agency.

Issued by Grapevine Communications 18 Sep 2013

PR - get the basics right!Article

Public relations isn't rocket science, but you need to get the basics right - every time - if your releases are going to reach your target market.

30 Aug 2013

Lucinda Boddy
Will the real face of PR please stand up?Article

No matter the industry in question, every business sector has a completely unique set of challenges, and the PR industry is no exception. However, in the current marketing environment there are certain situations that PR professionals must handle which can be particularly tough.

Lucinda Boddy 8 Apr 2013

How good management can lead to good PR
How good management can lead to good PRArticle

Public relations is about creating and sustaining a conversation, a conversation that is relevant and interesting to an audience. In the music industry, an artist or band has to be doing something significant and appealing for there to be interest within media circles and amongst a fan base.

Tim Hill 13 Feb 2013

Peter Mann
Why PR practitioners may have more power than ad agencies (Part II)Article

Even though ad agency bosses and media owners sit on a veritable pile of money, they live in the land of declining returns - where you have to run harder just to stay in the same place.

Peter Mann 26 Sep 2012

Peter Mann
Do PR practitioners have more power than ad agencies? (Part I)Article

The other day I was asked whether PR practitioners now have more power than ad agency bosses. Brian Berkman who was writing for Advantage magazine kindly told me I could disagree if I wished (I do) and he gave me 200 words in which to do so.

Peter Mann 20 Sep 2012

Tyrone Van Heerden
Tips on becoming a media liaison rock starArticle

As a communications professional who takes pride in my job and the South African PR industry, there is nothing worse than hearing the horror stories from journalists and potential clients on pitching processes, not understanding the respective brand that professionals represent and how they make empty promises to both media and clients.

Tyrone Van Heerden 18 Sep 2012

PR perspective from bloggers
PR perspective from bloggersArticle

While the PR industry is engaging with bloggers and using them as an addition to or even replacement for traditional media, bloggers, like the media, have preferred communication norms and rules.

10 May 2012

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