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Encounters 2020: In praise of docci 'SanDance!'

SanDance! is billed as a journey to the heart of Africa's original dance culture, but it's much more than that. It opens a door onto a segment of African culture that is in danger of dying out...

By Michael Britton 25 Aug 2020

I'm infected: Infecting the City is contagious

Infecting the City is in full swing in Cape Town city's open spaces and frequently used pedestrian routes. On Tuesday, outside Iziko South African Museum, two events were unfolding simultaneously...

By Michael Britton 21 Nov 2019

What to expect from the Spier Jazz & Classical Encounters Fest

The inaugural South African Jazz & Classical Encounters Festival will take place at the Spier Amphitheatre on 23 November 2019...

By Michael Britton 18 Nov 2019

Vaslav explores the fine line between genius and insanity

I saw Vaslav recently and came out of the theatre disturbed and saddened. Not by the performance of Godfrey Johnson, his portrayal of Vaslav Nijinsky or by any other aspect of the production.

By Michael Britton 14 Nov 2019

The Godfrey Johnson Showcase

Do not expect the show I describe to be the same as the one that you see when you go to the delightful Kalk Bay Theatre to see the Godfrey Johnson Showcase. This extraordinary performing artist will present a different selection of songs from his repertoire for each of the four nights that the show runs. Yes, it's sad that it is a short run, but it remains a show that sparkles with humour as Johnson brings his unique touch of genius to songs that you thought you knew

By Michael Britton 22 Feb 2013

International Guitar Night

International Guitar Night (IGN) is a series of shows designed to bring "the world's greatest and most accomplished acoustic guitar players" to South Africa. The brainchild of Tony Cox, South Africa's own internationally acclaimed guitar wizard, the stated focus of IGN is to feature guitar players who "pluck the strings creating bass, rhythm, melody and percussive lines all at the same time, coaxing a mini-orchestra from the six strings".

By Michael Britton 3 Dec 2012

Memorable ballads in Coward & Cole

It was with a measure of trepidation that I went to Coward & Cole, the new show at the Kalk Bay Theatre. Not a Noël Coward fan, I was concerned that the show might consist of Godfrey Johnson and Roland Perold, taking it in turns to play, maybe each one playing the songs of one composer. I have heard Godfrey Johnson perform Coward's music and, on the strength of that show, thought that Coward was overrated.

By Michael Britton 14 Mar 2012

All in One's opening night

Billed as a "musical voyage through space and time with three masters", the opening night of All in One at the Fugard Theatre was a special delight featuring three remarkably talented musicians in Errol Dyers, Steve Newman and Hilton Schilder.

By Michael Britton 3 Mar 2011

Johnson stands out from the shadow of Brel

Godfrey Johnson rocks. Not in the sense that he plays rock and roll, you understand, although given his talent and versatility, he could, should he feel so inclined.

By Michael Britton 19 Nov 2010

I, Claudia is bitter sweet

Susan Danford plays all four characters in this bitter-sweet story of a pubescent girl coming to terms with the changes in her life. The emotional issues of adolescence are complicated by external events, such as the divorce of her parents, her discovery that her father has a girlfriend, and school projects that are affected by fickle and transient friendships.

By Michael Britton 22 Oct 2010

A rollicking Raiders of the Lost Aardvark

During World War 2, an intrepid, almost blind airplane mechanic with a heart murmur so loud you can hear it across the street, flies a cranky biplane from Cape Town to Cairo. The original mission - to deliver documents to Walvis Bay - becomes a madcap adventure as our unlikely hero, Salty Hepburn, pursues a suspicious tramp steamer and double agents across Africa. En route he encounters flamingos, mielie fields, gorillas and a wicked German baron.

By Michael Britton 18 Oct 2010

A glimpse into the life of Einstein

David Muller's one-man play, Imagining Einstein, is currently on at the Kalk Bay Theatre. Muller's play is a glimpse into the life of Albert Einstein, arguably the most famous scientist of the last century. It touches on his work and his personal life, covering the period from his early working life in a patents office to his last years as a professor at Princeton.

By Michael Britton 17 Sep 2010

Powerful plays open the Ikhwezi Theatre Festival

Since 1998, the Baxter Theatre Centre has been running Ikhwezi, a cultural outreach festival. This year, the festival presents 12 new plays, and if the two plays showcased on opening night are anything to go by, it promises to be well worth getting along to see a few shows. With a host of new acting talent on display, and featuring the work of new playwrights, it's hats off to the Baxter for their efforts in bringing community players to mainstream theatres.

By Michael Britton 15 Mar 2010

Finger playing good with Steve Newman

Steve Newman, being the legendary guitarist he is, needs no introduction to lovers of acoustic guitar. He is currently in Cape Town, teamed up with Greg Hadjiyorki Georgiades and Ashish Joshi, to play four gigs at The Forge in Kalk Bay

By Michael Britton 3 Apr 2009

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