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Triggerfish, Goethe-Institut introduce animation academy

Have you always been interested in animation, but had no clue of where to go? Well, Triggerfish along with the Goethe-Institut and the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development have come to your rescue.

The Triggerfish Academy, a free digital learning platform, will provide the necessary information for those who want to understand more about the career opportunities and how to get started in the field of animation. The website features 25 free video tutorials, quizzes and animation exercises introducing animation as a career and the principles of storytelling, storyboarding and animation, as well as several additional resources to help guide aspiring animators into a career in animation.

The course was created by Tim Argall, currently the animation director on Triggerfish's third feature film Seal Team, alongside South African animation industry's brightest stars, including Malcolm Wope, character designer on Mama K's Team 4; Annike Pienaar, now working at Illumination in Paris on Sing 2; Daniel Snaddon, co-director of the multi-award-winning BBC adaptations Stick Man and Zog; Faghrie Coenraad, lead dressing and finaling artist on the Oscar-nominated Revolting Rhymes; and Triggerfish head of production Mike Buckland.

For more information, visit www.triggerfish.com/academy.
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