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BBC opens up ad space for governmental organisations

BBC Global News has announced plans to replace up to 20% of its advertising space to offer opportunities for international and governmental organisations to share public health messages regarding the coronavirus crisis for free. Major global health organisations and ministries who would like to broadcast their messages on BBC's TV and online platforms outside the UK can contact BBC Global News' advertising team .

The BBC, through its Reality Check portal, has been identifying and fact-checking claims about the coronavirus in an effort to curb the spread of fake news and misinformation. The broadcasting company has also added extra coronavirus-related content with new programmes such as Coronavirus: What You Need to Know, Coronavirus Explained and the daily Coronavirus Global Podcast.

"Our job is to report on the developing crisis around the world in a period when people need news they can genuinely trust. But if we can support public health agencies in doing their job in these unprecedented times, I feel we have a responsibility to help," CEO of BBC Global News CEO Jim Egan said.
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