Business Partners and Associates Wanted

Business Partners and Associates Wanted 2 Aug 2014

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Where to go from here?

which school Is a good school to study copywriting? 13 Oct 2011

South Africans are far behind

South Africans are far behind when it comes to technology 17 Feb 2011

Alexander Forbes Insurance (AFI) using Tshwane Metro bills in marketing

AFI has its product brochure inserted in the same envelope as the City of Tshwane Metro bills 11 Oct 2010

Who and what is Brand South Africa?

Do we as South Africans know what is expected from us to help build Brand South Africa? 20 Apr 2010

determine if an award winning advertisement communicates understandable brand messages

Are there any award winning ads that send good bramd messages? 26 Mar 2010

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e-marketing courses

Can anyone suggest a worthwhile e-marketing course that goes beyond the ordinary sending emails and search engine optimisation and deals more with strategy and creativity in e-marketing? 2 Feb 2010

Extreme Lifestyle

Receiving unsolicited mobile calls selling their product 29 Jan 2010

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New Marketing Game

Clickr is a new online game that grabs audiences attention and allows corporates to get their message across. 14 Oct 2008

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Product Life Cycle

Product life cycle is a dificult topic to recearch particularly if it is an current product.I recuire life cycle information on current products for a part of an marketing assignment.If any one can tel me where or who i could contact to get this type information please let me know 22 Sep 2008

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Can anyone help with how i can access to database of people who actively trade stocks and shares

need to be pointed in the right direction on how i can get access to database of people who trade stocks and shares. If you can help pls contact me on 9 Aug 2008

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Discovery / 702 walk the talk!!!...Terrible goody bag???

I was looking forward to my race bag, and on collection of it, all seemed great, until I got home to explore the contents: 25 Jul 2008

Buying National cellphone databasis

Can anyone assist in where to buy national databasis for direct marketing? 20 Jun 2008

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Websites with live video chat

Do you think a website with a live video chat program would improve your direct marketing strategy? 2 Apr 2008

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Absa's appalling phone sales pitch

Do I have to put up with being patronised? 6 Feb 2008

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Anyone know a company that does Voice-Mail Marketing

I'm looking for a company that provides solutions to do voice-mail marketing. 11 Jun 2007

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Book or guide suggestions?

Can anyone recommend a book that provides a good introduction to direct marketing? 30 May 2007

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There's nobody there - called up by the computer

Over the past two days I have been the unfortunate recipient of two highly annoying phone calls. 29 Nov 2006

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Response rates

Concern around misconceptions by people who clearly do not know what they are talking about. 17 Nov 2005

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Where did you get my number?

Where are the companies getting cell numbers from to send sms ads? 10 May 2005

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Webmail Spam-mail

Can anyone shed light on the fact why Webmail persists with spamming their own subscribers even after opt-out? 3 Dec 2002

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