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Wimpy commercial

This is an appeal for info regarding the latest Wimpy commercial
Who currently has the Wimpy account? I'm trying to get hold of an online copy of the latest Wimpy ad - the one where the couple name their baby Hendrik-Rina? I think its brilliant - taps into that whole thing where people give their kids names like Bevril (that's a real one). Anyway, I've hunted high and low, Googled and YouTubed without any joy. If I knew who did the ad, I'd call them up. Can anyone help?

Forum created by Andrew van der Merwe
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Mondli Trevor Jwara
I guess its different strokes for different folks. cos I don't get the ad. How does it connect to what they are selling?? I just don't get it..
Posted on 4 Jul 2009 11:27
Wimpy advert-
You will find the ad at www.tv-ads.co.za
Posted on 10 Mar 2010 19:37
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