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Whiteboard scribe Video

whiteboard scribe video's 22 Aug 2012

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Damn, some South African "creatives" are flipping lazy!!

Two retailers who compete with each other for customers use the same VO to punt them. 9 Sep 2011

A country Imagined

Query re: availability of "A Country Imagined" DVD Series, narrated by Johnny Clegg, for purchase? 4 Jul 2011

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Archiving / Backup of Design/Video work

I'm wondering how other agencies handle archiving of their work 22 May 2011

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Gender based advertising

Product advertising gender biased? 28 Apr 2010

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Writer In Need

Need Some Help 6 Apr 2010

National Geographic quick request: African/South African time travel films/TV etc?

I'm working on a short piece for National Geographic's website comparing time travel devices in various countries movies, but haven't found any examples from Africa. Can you help? 26 Mar 2010

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Which are the large buying/production houses in South Africa?

Which are the large buying/production houses in South Africa? 24 Feb 2010

SABC3: what's with unsubtitled movies

I've seen that SABC3 is loving their foreign films late night saturday/ early morning sunday, but without subtitles! How the hell? I wonder how many South Africans are fluent in Russian and stay up to watch such movies 2 Feb 2010

TV Producer career

I'm researching careers and would like to know what the growth prospects are as a TV producer as well as the salary. 18 Nov 2009

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New Super M Campaign

What do you think of the new Super M campaign? 30 Oct 2009

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broadcast transfers

I am in Johannesburg. and I am looking for a place that can do broadcast transfers and final mixing at a reasonable price? 23 Oct 2009

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Apprentice in SA. Does anyone know anyhting about the next one??

Basically i want to find out if there is another apprentice sa. 22 Oct 2009

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Presenting Auditions

Looking for advise on the upcoming auditions... 13 Oct 2009

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Toyota's new best friend?

Is Buddy putting Toyota back on the advertising map? 6 Oct 2009

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TV Extras

I need info on how to be a television extra! 28 Sep 2009

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TERRIBLE Coca Cola Commercial

Has anyone seen the lastes Coca Cola Ad with the one guy sipping a coke and the other washing a car? 11 Sep 2009

VUZU on DSTV channel 123, what is your take

A locally produced, African, youth focused, interactive, pay TV channel that is synonymous with the best locally produced entertainment , most relevant international content accessed via multiple platforms. 7 Sep 2009

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SABC & Survivor: what the hell happened?

SABC cut out the most pivital moment in the whole 18 episode Survivor series. The removed the final jury questions and voting of the winner. 1 Sep 2009

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Wimpy commercial

This is an appeal for info regarding the latest Wimpy commercial 19 Jun 2009

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Ponds' long winded soapie drama

Has anyone seen the Ponds soapie saga with that sad pathetic woman who's still hung up over her ex 10 down the line and still trying to get him back? 5 Jun 2009

Anyone remember the RMB ad with the kid who lets down the truck tires under the bridge?

Trying to find it for reference, would appreciate any info. Who made it, where to find it etc. 29 Apr 2009

Voice overs

i would like to do voice overs can someone tell me where to start or go im in Johannesburg 24 Mar 2009

Vodacom radio ad

i always been a fan of vodacom ads radio and tv whoever is doing them keep up the good work 24 Mar 2009

KFC "Woza Mshana... wipe my oily hands on your head" tv ad

I just think that ad is plain disgusting... it may have a cultural base but in this day and age, i think it is in bad taste (no pun intended) 18 Mar 2009

Male model in BMW "Test-Pilot" Commercial?

Does anyone know who the male model in the BMW "Test-Pilot" Commercial is? What is his name? Thanks =) 10 Mar 2009

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maya part time course

Do I change careers 7 Mar 2009

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