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Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography: Registration for the Bachelor of Arts Honours in Visual Communication now open

The Bachelor of Arts Honours in Visual Communication, with an emphasis on the African Context aims to provide students with access to knowledges that they may not have encountered in their undergraduate degree. This one-year, full-time course offers students the rare opportunity to produce a self-directed body of creative work that develops skill level matched with theoretical and contextual understanding. The subjects are comprised of Creative Practice, Contextual Studies and Visual Studies.

An exciting and enriching component that students participate in is a Creative Exchange in a neighbouring African country. Students are placed within a creative agency or organisation to work on a short-term collaborative creative project. The value of the Creative Exchange is evident in the altered perspectives and insights that inform their future creative production. The culmination of this exchange is presented at a collaborative feedback session in the host country and later in the year at the Creative Dialogues forum at the Stellenbosch Academy.

A key aim is to enable students to develop the ability to critically engage with diverse examples of visual culture and reply with both verbal and written responses. In addition to engaging in independent research and writing a thesis, the seminar series forms a core component of the class-based learning where students present ideas in response to readings. By linking theory and practice Visual Studies aims to enrich and enlarge student thinking with the intention of producing critically engaged visual communicators.

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