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Adobe Photoshop short course

Do you want to learn how to manipulate and edit images? Then the Photoshop short course is just for you.
The course is scheduled to start:

Date: 19 February 2019 (Tuesday and Thursday evenings)
Time: 17h30-19h30

What you will learn:

The focus is to manipulate and edit images used in print, web and new media environments; developing and understanding the function of tools, menus, channels, colour, filters, scanning, exporting, deep-etching, modes, retouching and special effects; content includes image sizing, resolution and file size, image modes, image adjustment (i.e. colour balance, levels, saturation), selecting areas and working in layers; photo manipulation – colour correcting, paint and draw imagery, effects, overlays, filters.

Cost: R6,490-00


Contact: or call: (021) 8802623

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