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Regional finalists announced for 2019 Southern Africa Startup Awards

The regional finalists in the second edition of the Southern Africa Startup Awards (SASAWARDS) have been selected. A total of 346 contenders across 19 categories and 12 countries were shortlisted from 2,444 nominations - an extremely tough task for the judges given the exceptionally high standard of entries.
Voting is now open up until Sunday, 10 November 2019 on the Southern Africa Startup Awards website to see which of these startups will go through to the Global Startup Awards and solidify Africa’s standing as the hub of talent.

The finalists from across Southern African include contenders from Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe.


  • Best Newcomer: Appy Saúde
  • Best Coworking Space: Launchedpad Angola
  • Best Social Impact Startup: Bisno
  • Best Edutech Startup: Educartis
  • Best Healthtech Startup: Apply Saúde
  • Startup of the Year: Appy Saúde
  • People’s Choice of the Year: Kepya


  • Fintech of the Year: Seriti Insights
  • Female Role Model of the Year: Rethabile Konopo
  • Best Social Impact Startup: These Hands GSSE
  • Best Edutech Startup: Inforserve Training
  • Founder of the Year: Nomsa Makgabenyana
  • Best Healtech Startup: Yapili
  • Startup of the Year: My Foodness
  • Best Newcomer: Seriti Insights
  • Best Food/Agritech Startup: TGNJ Investments Proprietary Limited
  • People’s Choice of the Year: Nomsa Makgabenyana/ Seriti Insights


  • Best Newcomer: Girls Coding Academy
  • Best Startup Ecosystem Initiative:
  • Best Foodtech/Agritech Startup: AgriTech Solutions
  • Best Social Impact Startup: Girls Coding Academy
  • Best Accelerator/Incubator Programme: College of Cooperative Entrepreneurship and Business Studies
  • People’s Choice of the Year: Girls Coding Academy


  • Best Fintech Startup: Ariary.Net
  • Best Foodtech/Agritech Startup: Soanamad
  • Best Social Impact Startup: Green N Kool
  • Female Role Model of the Year: Marie Christina Kolo
  • Startup of the Year: Ny Manjary:
  • People’s Choice of the Year: Ratsirahonana Tiasoa Samantha


  • Female Role Model of the Year: Wangiwe Joanna Kambuz
  • Best Startup Ecosystem Initiative: Chiponde Business Group
  • Best Co-working Space of the Year: Mzuzu E-Hub
  • Best Social Impact Startup: TakenoLAB
  • Best Edutech Startup: TakenoLAB
  • Founder of the Year: Spencer Nundwe Jr
  • Best Healtech Startup: One Clinic Yathu (OCLIYA)
  • Startup of the Year: Droidfx Technologies
  • Best Newcomer: One Clinic Yathu (OCLIYA)
  • Best Accelerator/Incubator: mHub Malawi
  • People’s Choice of the Year: Prisca Chipao/Empower


  • Female Role Model of the Year: Veda Dean
  • Startup of the Year: Demars
  • Best Startup Ecosystem Initiative: Connectme
  • Best Newcomer of the Year: Discover Mauritius
  • Brave Founder Beginnings: Joseph Rutakangwa
  • Best Foodtech/Agritech Startup: JUA
  • Best Student Tech Startup: Roomsout Ltd
  • Best Social Impact Startup: Smarty Nappy
  • Best Edutech Startup: Afriedx Technology Ltd
  • Founder of the Year: Joseph Rutakangwa
  • Best Accelerator/Incubator Programme: P-Cube Ltd
  • Best Fintech Startup: BLNS Ltd
  • Best Media Partner: Discover Mauritius
  • Best Healthtech Startup: State Informatics Ltd
  • People’s Choice: Joanne Rannoojee


  • Fintech of the Year: Luzacredito, Ei
  • Female Role Model of the Year: Ancha Salvador
  • Best Startup Ecosystem Initiative: Muva ´Titude
  • Best Co-working Space of the Year: Orange Corners Maputo
  • Best Fashion Tech Startup: Gentleman´s Barber Shop
  • Best Water Crisis Management Solution: BRICK n BAG Gardening
  • Best Social Impact Startup: Daisy Handmade Soap
  • Best Edutech Startup: Explicador Inc, Lda
  • Founder of the Year: Mozbuy
  • Startup of the Year: Riha
  • Best Newcomer: We Deliva SA.
  • Best Food/Agritech Startup: Dzimene Agrobusiness
  • Best Media Partner: Anima
  • Best Accelerator/Incubator: Moz Innovation Lab
  • People’s Choice of the Year: We Deliva SA


  • Female Role Model of the Year: Nashilongo Gervasius-Nakale
  • Best Newcomer: Easyshop Mobile Marketing CC
  • Best Startup Ecosystem Initiative: Dololo
  • Best Coworking Space: Dololo
  • Best Fashion Tech Startup: Nels Babies
  • Best Foodtech/ Agritech Startup: Oshuulo Trading Enterprises CC
  • Best Student Tech Startup: Cyclops Manufacturing Namibia
  • Best Media Partner: Poiyah Media
  • Best Social Impact Startup: Suncycles Namibia
  • Founder of the Year: Tim Wucher
  • Startup of the Year: Green Earth Creations CC
  • Best Accelerator/ Incubator: Dololo
  • People’s Choice of the Year: Luciana Kangombe/ Namibian Weddings

South Africa

  • Fintech of the Year: Mama Money
  • Female Role Model of the Year: Lynette Hundermark
  • Best Startup Ecosystem Initiative: GrowthWheel SA
  • Brave Founder of the Year: Akintunde Rotimi
  • Best Co-working Space of the Year: Workshop 17
  • Best Fashion Tech Startup: Orinea Tshivhenga
  • Investor of the Year: Kalon Venture Partners
  • Best Water Crisis Management Solution: Lige Pty Ltd
  • Best Student Tech Startup: Quillo
  • Best Social Impact Startup: Ctrl
  • Best Edutech Startup: Why Toyz
  • Founder of the Year: Lars Veul
  • Best Healtech Startup: The Birthing Team
  • Startup of the Year: LULA
  • Best Newcomer: MomSays
  • Best Food/Agritech Startup: Revolute Systems
  • Best Media Partner: The Loudhailer
  • Best Accelerator/Incubator: Startupbootcamp AfriTech
  • People’s Choice of the Year: No Land Farming


  • Best Startup Ecosystem Initiative: Robotech Labs
  • Best Social Impact Startup: Toolboksi
  • Best Edutech Startup: Explicador Inc, Lda
  • Founder of the Year: Julius J Mbungo
  • Startup of the Year: Robotech Lab
  • Best Newcomer: Robotech Labs
  • Best Accelerator/Incubator: SmartLab
  • People’s Choice of the Year: Robotech Labs


  • Startup of the Year: Afridelivery
  • Best FoodTech/ AgriTech Startup: Savanna Premium Chocolate
  • Best Media Partner: Dailynation
  • Best Health Tech Startup: Briisp Inventions
  • Best Accelerator or Incubator Programme: WeCreate Zambia
  • Brave Founder Beginnings: Tafadzwa Kalisto Munzwa
  • Best Coworking Space: Lusaka Impacthub
  • Best Startup Ecosystem Initiative: Burger Queen
  • Best Newcomer: Dawa Clinic
  • Female Role Model of the Year: Stella Sata
  • Best Student Tech Startup: Soar Free Pharmaceuticals
  • Best Social Impact Startup: Dice Juice bar
  • Best EduTech Startup: Zed Tutors
  • Founder of the Year: Chiinga Musonda & Lynn Musonda Phiri.
  • Best Fintech Startup: Edu-Pay


  • Female Role Model of the Year: Dr Faith Nyamukapa
  • Best Startup Ecosystem Initiative: Overuse Enterprises Pvt Limited/Mazibisa Inc
  • Best Foodtech/Agritech Startup: YouFarm
  • Best Social Impact Startup: Farai Pyro
  • Founder of the Year: Nkosana Mazibisa
  • Best Newcomer: Zim Waves
  • People’s Choice of the Year: Johan Paul Matenga/YouFarm
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