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    Banking packaged on shelf in store

    In a world first, Pick 'n Pay Go Banking, a division of Nedbank Limited, today launched the Go Account as a retail product which will be available on the shelves of selected Pick 'n Pay stores nationwide.

    Kevin Palmer, CEO of Pick 'n Pay Go Banking, says: "Banking products have never had such an exciting facelift. As South Africa's first supermarket bank, placing our products on the shelves of Pick 'n Pay stores is an ideal way of differentiating ourselves from our competitors."

    Jonathan Ackerman Marketing Director of Pick 'n Pay says: "Financial services products, by their very nature are intangible. We've turned the traditional way of marketing bank products in our stores on its head. This is supermarket banking in the truest sense."

    Pick 'n Pay Go Banking's flagship product, the Go Account will be available in all Pick 'n Pay Hypermarkets and selected Supermarket stores countrywide.

    The Go Account is a transactional account with all the features of a current, transmission and money market account. The account can be used for shopping purchases, depositing and withdrawing cash, making account payments and transfers and arranging stop and debit orders. Customers can access this account via Pick 'n Pay tills, all ATMs, self service terminals, telephone and Internet Banking.

    The new packaging demonstrates the benefits of the Go Account and contains step-by-step instructions on how to apply for the account.

    "We hope that customers will respond to the new approach that enables them to peruse, at their leisure, the advantages of a Go Account - its low bank charges, its tiered interest rates and the extra discounts on a host of instore products - without being pressured by sales people," says Palmer.

    The company plans to offer a range of other Go Banking products on the shelves in the near future.

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