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Prince Mashele on the EFF in South Africa

Prince Mashele on the EFF in South Africa

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    #BizTrends2018: From knowledge resources to communication - trending apps for education

    The volume of information we need to process on a daily basis is hugely overwhelming if you don't know where to start. And no more so than for students and their educators. But fortunately, these days, there's an app for almost everything. Here are a few trending apps for students, as well as parents and schools, to keep on top of things.
    #BizTrends2018: From knowledge resources to communication - trending apps for education
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    myHomework Student Planner

    This planner app has been around for nine years already and offers day-to-day planning for students of all ages to keep track of classes, study schedules and assignments.

    It includes a:
    Homework widget
    Class schedule
    Homework calendar

    The free account let's users sync homework, and sends synced reminders.


    This interactive e-reader enables users to customise their downloaded course material by enabling them to add notes and sketches to specific sections of an e-book; make highlights, generate summaries from highlighted text for study purposes, receive additional multimedia resources, and more.

    All downloaded materials and resources are available offline and annotations are backed-up whenever users connect to the internet.

    Plagiarism checker

    Plagiarism has been the bane of professors and lecturers lives for centuries. And in the modern world, it's become easier for swathes of text to be copied and used verbatim. But aside from purposeful plagiarism, information is often picked up from once source and unwittingly copied without referencing. This handy app aims to ensure originality in writing with proper referencing to sources.

    Researcher: Academic Journals Reader App

    This app contains over 2,000 journals spanning a range of sciences (from physical, chemical, computer and life sciences to medicine and biology) and allows user to browse, filter and save the information for later reading.

    Mindset Learn

    Access Mindset Learn video and print resources for Grade 10, 11 and 12 South African students through this handy app...

    Socrative Teacher and Socrative Student

    The Socrative Teacher app allows educators to create student assessments through quizzes, polls and space races, while the Student app syncs students to the teacher's testing "room" via a unique code.


    Stumped on a math problem? Can't work out the answer no matter how many numbers you push around? Then Photomath is for you. With handwriting recognition, this camera calculator will give users step-by-step instructions to whatever math problem they're struggling with.

    Natural Sciences

    Created by South African Senior Phase Resources, this app explains natural phenomenon, with lessons designed from the CAPS curriculum, ensuring that what is learned is not only interesting but also fall in line with school work.

    Class Dojo

    This app is designed to allow teachers to record student assessment information, enabling them to provide feedback to students and share progress with parents and administrators.

    Principle Talk+

    Design by South Africa's d6 Group, this communication app assists with the sharing of real-time information between schools, parents and role-players, such as such as school news, calendar events and school policies. Confidential, child specific information includes marks/grades, discipline, absenteeism, finances and current learner information.

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