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Bok burger with those fries?

South Africans are currently experiencing green and gold fever while they wait in the hope of ambushing England and winning the 2007 Rugby World Cup on Saturday. In an effort to show their passion for rugby they will be wearing bok jerseys, waving flags out of their car windows and… consuming green goods if marketers have their way!
Bok burger with those fries?

Steers has come up with a new initiative in support of the Springboks called ‘Bok your Burger'. The restaurant will be running this promotion until Sunday 28 October 2007. Customers are urged to show their support for the Boks by ordering burgers served on green buns at no extra cost. The green buns taste no different to the normal buns and are just as tasty as the usual fare, the group has assured customers!

“We are really proud of the Springboks' fantastic performance at the World Cup and it will be great to see South Africans getting behind their team by joining Steers in this fun initiative,” says André Piehl, Steers' marketing director.

Limited edition

Douglasdale Dairy, in turn, will be manufacturing limited edition ‘green & gold' 2 litre full cream milk bottles, which will be distributed across Gauteng for the duration of this week. Milk products now have a gold lid and the usual white bottle has been changed to a patriotic green. The Douglasdale Dairy slogan ‘Go for Gold' has been printed on a sticker and it includes the word ‘Bokke' – the colloquial term used for the Springbok rugby team – which is positioned on the gold lid of every bottle and reads ‘Bokke go for Gold'.

Bok burger with those fries?

“We produced a limited edition ‘blue go bulle' milk bottle pledging our support of the Blue Bulls as they went into the Super 14 final in May this year, and we could not keep up with the demand for these bottles from Blue Bulls supporters. So, why not support the Boks in the same vein as they prepare for the biggest game in four years?” explains Douglasdale Dairy's marketing manager Marina Hanson.

Tie Weavers has produced the official International Rugby Board, Rugby World Cup (IRB RWC) ties, with eight different ties in a variety of colours to choose from. The ties could make handy corporate gifts or presents for rugby fans both locally and abroad.

New launch

And capitalising on the rugby fever sweeping the country, a new product launch is also capitalising on the whole shebang with a viral marketing campaign featuring South Africa's best loved cartoon couple: Madam and Eve.

The cartoon featuring the new Magicmaid Madam & Eve cleaning products range will be going into Sunday newspapers at the weekend and will be available on Pick ‘n Pay Hypermarket shelves from early November, supported via in-store promotions as well as in the media.

Marketer Roman Cylkowski assures us this is no joke: “Whilst some leading brands in the category continue with the contrived and boring old testimonial type ads, Magicmaid will use humour to create a connection with consumers, at the same time embracing the spirit of our new South Africa, through the use of iconic cartoon characters, Madam & Eve!”

Wear green!

And from an email doing the rounds today... South Africans are all urged to publically state their support for the Bokke by wearing green this Friday, etc.

The email quotes Francios Pienaar, 1995 South African Rugby World Cup winning captain, just before accepting the Rugby World Cup trophy. His comment was in response to the statement that there were 60 000 South Africans at Ellis Park that glorious day: "We didn't have 60 000 South Africans supporting us today – we had 43 million South Africans."

The email goes on: "This is a patriotic appeal to Springbok supporters and proud South Africans all over the world, and particularly those in London and England. This is a very important message and requires your support to spread the word and make it happen. This Friday, 19th October, we call upon all South Africans abroad and locally to wear green and gold in public, especially on their way to and from work. Whether it is your Springbok rugby jersey or just a South Africa t-shirt – make sure it's visible. If you are required to wear a suit – wear it over your shirt and tie on your way in to work. If you work casual – wear your green and gold!

"Let us show the world that we stand as one – 100% behind the men in Green and Gold. Wear your colours not with arrogant pride but with a sense of unity and how far our nation has come! Most importantly: as a matter of urgency please forward this message by email, SMS or word of mouth to all the South Africans you know. Time is of the essence. Send it back home to family and friends so they can send it on to others abroad. Let's show the world."

Well, there's only one thing left to say to that: GO BOKKE!

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