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Leading SA edtech company, Edge Learning Media, announces name change

Edge Learning Media is proud to announce a brand update that will reflect our evolution to becoming a specialist academic edtech company, meeting our clients' needs for digital courseware. With our genesis in academic publishing and our reputation and experience as experts in education, Edge has become a holistic education company that leads in the edtech industry by creating tailor-made learning experiences for higher learning in a way that no one else can.

As such, we have made the decision to rebrand the company and have changed our name from Edge Learning Media to Edge Education.

Leading SA edtech company, Edge Learning Media, announces name change

This exciting rebranding was a long time in the making and took effect as of 15 April 2020. It includes updates to the Edge logo, slogan, stationery and communication channels, as well as a top-to-bottom redesign of the Edge website - which has now moved to the domain

We have made the decision to change our name in order to reflect our holistic educational approach and our digital DNA. Since our genesis, we have been creating digital courseware powered by a deep understanding of teaching and learning. This rebranding will help us continue to develop innovative academic edtech solutions that meet our clients' needs for digital courseware and allow us to take a step forward in designing the future of learning.

Education is trying to keep up with a digitally accelerated rate of change, and we are in the midst of a learning revolution. We partner and collaborate with our clients to help them navigate the complexity of this digital transformation. We cater to our clients' needs by focusing on empowering them as educators and enriching the learning experience for their students.

- Andrew Hibling, CEO of Edge Education

Our flagship product is the Edge Digital CourseBook - a fusion of the traditional textbook and the online course. These recently launched Digital CourseBooks include all the traditional textbook features such as exercises/activities and solutions, integrated with multimedia elements such as videos, PDFs, library resources, open educational resources (OERs), and HTML5 e-learning interactions and quizzes. The Digital CourseBook is delivered through the Edge Learning Ecosystem (ELE).

About Edge Education:

Edge is an academic edtech company that understands the academic and training landscapes holistically. Thus, we lead in the edtech industry through our reputation and experience as experts in education. With our roots in education and wings in technology, we create tailor-made learning experiences for higher learning in a way that no one else can.

Edge offers a range of academic edtech solutions that cater to the needs of both local and international higher education institutions, professional bodies, technical and vocational institutions, schools, companies and government agencies in digital learning experience (Lx) design. These solutions include:

  • Post-school textbooks
  • Edge Digital CourseBooks
  • The Edge Learning Ecosystem® (ELE)
  • Academic edtech services

For more information, visit or contact moc.noitacudeegde@ofni.

EDGE Education
EDGE Education creates engaging learning experiences that empower both students and educators. Because we understand 21st-century teaching and learning, we create holistic academic EdTech solutions that are meaningful and fit for purpose. These solutions include building quality courseware such as our Digital CourseBooks, textbooks, videos and eLearning multimedia - all delivered to our clients via our tech-enabled CourseBook platform.
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