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Estacom's CEO addresses its hand sanitiser quality to its customers

We have had issues raised regarding our current pricing structure. Due to the increased demand of hand sanitisers worldwide, a lot of people and companies have suddenly begun manufacturing hand sanitisers and become experts! We have not had a price reduction on the ethanol that we use and probably won't for a while, such is the scarcity of the true ingredient.

What people/manufacturers are doing, however, is using ethanols that do not conform to the standards that should be used for hand sanitisers, as per communication sent out from Sasol. A copy of which is available on our website. These alcohols are not suitable for manufacturing hand sanitisers and in most cases are reduced with bittering agents such as acetone or similar, and not IPA; yet people continue to use them... These ethanols cost half the price but produce products that can become carcinogenic, i.e. cause cancer! We daily get offered these cheaper ethanols from NCPs that are denatured and un-denatured product that should never be used.

These cheaper products are generally being sent out at 50/60% strength, i.e. misrepresented and diluted and not 70% strength.

We will never compromise on the quality of our product and our products are manufactured, tested and released in accordance with SANS 5261 and SANS 490 to ensure the best quality product.

We do assure all customers that we will never compromise on the quality of our products by using cheaper or not-suitable ingredients.

Thank you for your continued support.

O Matthews


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