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Customer value matters in the time of Covid-19
Customer value matters in the time of Covid-19Article

What should customer experience look like in the time of Covid-19? It may all come down to speed and convenience, or perhaps human touch and making a real connection is still key...

Mark Wilson 9 Sep 2020

Image credit: rawpixel from Pixabay.
Surely retention and acquisition are both part of the customer journeyArticle

We all know the adage; it is five times more expensive to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing customer...

Natalie McCrae 30 Aug 2019

Photo by Emil Vilsek on Unsplash
Built-in service and maintenance plans need more transparencyArticle

The National Automobile Dealers' Association (Nada) says it supports the concept of customers having a choice of where to maintain their vehicle...

17 Jul 2018

Measurability is key for marketers in tough economic times
Measurability is key for marketers in tough economic timesArticle

In tough economic times, marketers need to begin speaking the language of finance to account for their role and impact or they risk becoming irrelevant...

Issued by UCT Graduate School of Business 25 May 2016

Every business is driven by data
Every business is driven by dataArticle

The term 'data-driven' has emerged to describe a decision making process that is compelled by evidence (data) rather than by intuition. It has received particular attention in marketing...

Gary Allemann 15 Mar 2016

B2B sales processes merge with B2C in new techno space
B2B sales processes merge with B2C in new techno spaceArticle

The results from a large-scale global survey on the changing sales process, have revealed that the 'consumerisation' movement is shifting the sales process out of the control of the seller, as enterprise buyers begin to mimic consumer shopping behaviours.

21 Nov 2013

CRM and your business channels: It all starts with data
CRM and your business channels: It all starts with dataArticle

Expectations of branded communication are higher than ever. In a busy world, we expect brands to make information easy to find, answer questions promptly, and communicate efficiently. Enter CRM, and why, if adapted and structured correctly, it can largely replace advertising in a business.

Carmia Lureman 6 Jul 2012

Thomas Oosthuizen
Can marketing lift stock price?Article

While most marketers will endorse the fact that marketing works in building brands, improving brand image and driving sales, the relationship between marketing and investor value is not always that clear. Although we as marketers will anecdotally believe it, isolating the effect of marketing is complex.

Thomas Oosthuizen 28 Mar 2012

Developing customer-centric relationshipsArticle

Today service is the key differentiator in any buying decision and therefore closing the loop with all processes around customer service and relationship marketing strategies are essential to the success of any business. The sum of all customers' experiences is equal to the company's image and brand.

Yaron Assabi 30 Jun 2008

Loyalty system to extend casino's reach and rewards
Loyalty system to extend casino's reach and rewardsArticle

Tsogo Sun Gaming's new loyalty system, Club Festival, allows for a dual rewards strategy, according to group relationship marketing manager Margot Stephan. On the one hand, the member can earn points on the casino floor, but then he/she can equally earn Infinity CashBack (the open loop currency) at the complex merchants as well as other Infinity merchants nationwide. Commensurately, CashBack earned at Infinity merchants may be redeemed within the casino.

16 Aug 2006

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