A long-time globetrotter, Shellee-Kim spent seven years travelling through 43 countries.
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3 top spas in the Western Cape

Cash-strapped Capetonians who stayed home during December may fancy starting the new year with a pamper party...

By Shellee-Kim Gold 16 Jan 2019

3 City Bowl and Atlantic Seaboard veggie-loving restaurants

Vegan and vegetarian cuisine in the Cape can bowl you over with its sheer creativity. This includes contemporary twists on traditional foreign foods and re-creating flavours for vegans in dishes that easily rival that of their carnivorous counterparts...

By Shellee-Kim Gold 10 Dec 2018

3 predominately vegetarian and vegan eateries in the south peninsula and southern suburbs

Cape Town is arguably the continent's capital when it comes to choice and the sheer number of vegetarian and vegan eateries. Full 'raw' restaurants rival both of these...

By Shellee-Kim Gold 27 Nov 2018

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