A long-time globetrotter, Shellee-Kim spent seven years travelling through 43 countries.
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5 top alternative therapies

Body pampering is beautiful. But going beyond skin depth and exploring yourself wholistically can be life-changing! Alternative therapies abound and choosing can be confusing. Each treating various aspects of self, my favourites are TRE, Ozone, Nia, Kahuna and Sound healing.

By Shellee-Kim Gold 10 Jun 2021

Top 5 post-lockdown restaurants in Cape Town's Deep South

Live entertainment, takeaways for eating on the premises and running 'specials' are current ways restaurateurs keep patrons keen during tough times. My top 5 post-lockdown restaurants in Cape Town's Deep South, include a Scarborough deli, a village-style pizzeria in Muizenberg and a culinarily-creative spot in Kalk Bay...

By Shellee-Kim Gold 2 Dec 2020

Top 5 takeaways that survived lockdown in the Deep South

As recently cash-strapped restaurant patrons become the new norm, takeaways that are surviving lockdown need to have even more creative cuisine offerings to be noticed...

By Shellee-Kim Gold 13 Aug 2020

3 of the best hotel buffet breakfasts in Cape Town

Some like it hot. Some like it cold. While others like it delicate with an emphasis on caffeine. From genteel buffets to banquets fit for royalty, find everything you'll ever want at the best local hotel buffet breakfasts...

By Shellee-Kim Gold 20 Nov 2019

The newly-opened Labotessa Hotel is a stylish space

Shellee-Kim Gold reviews the recently-opened Labotessa Hotel in the Cape Town CBD...

By Shellee-Kim Gold 17 Sep 2019

3 unique accommodation options in the Western Cape

Appealing to a range of budgets and within several hours' drive of Cape Town, you can either sleep in a stationary train or a gypsy wagon or catch your dreams in a tepee or regenerate in a pod...

By Shellee-Kim Gold 18 Jul 2019

3 top spas in the Western Cape

Cash-strapped Capetonians who stayed home during December may fancy starting the new year with a pamper party...

By Shellee-Kim Gold 16 Jan 2019

3 City Bowl and Atlantic Seaboard veggie-loving restaurants

Vegan and vegetarian cuisine in the Cape can bowl you over with its sheer creativity. This includes contemporary twists on traditional foreign foods and re-creating flavours for vegans in dishes that easily rival that of their carnivorous counterparts...

By Shellee-Kim Gold 10 Dec 2018

3 predominately vegetarian and vegan eateries in the south peninsula and southern suburbs

Cape Town is arguably the continent's capital when it comes to choice and the sheer number of vegetarian and vegan eateries. Full 'raw' restaurants rival both of these...

By Shellee-Kim Gold 27 Nov 2018

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