Snedorf is a qualified journalist and full-time blogger. She is obsessed with gin and is trying to bring light to the enormous number of gins and talented crafters that we have in South Africa. She films weekly videos where she samples different gins and focuses on their different botanicals. In the near future, she would love to host gin tastings and sell the handcrafted botanical bags she creates. She adores travel and wants to explore the world whilst drinking gin and taking beautiful photos.
Meet the Maker: McKruger Spirits

Stella Kruger and Colleen McCloy chat to Samantha Snedorf about their fresh new gin under the brand McKruger Spirits ...

By Samantha Snedorf 7 Dec 2018

Meet the Maker: Simone Musgrave

I was recently offered the opportunity to attend the official launch of the Musgrave Gin Pink Fridays at the Maslow Hotel where I got to sit down and have a drink with the creator herself, Simone Musgrave...

By Samantha Snedorf 30 Nov 2018

Meet the Maker: Andrew Rall of Distillery 031

Distillery 031, as the dialing code inspired name would suggest, is a Durban based distillery run by Andrew Rall - the founder and master distiller. Here, Samantha Snedorf finds out more...

By Samantha Snedorf 23 Nov 2018

Meet the Maker: Marius Bezuidenhout of Black Horse

The end of the year is edging ever closer and the need for time away increases almost daily which is why...

By Samantha Snedorf 12 Oct 2018

Meet the Maker: Blossom and Hops Gin

Blossom and Hops gin is distilled by Trouvaille Spirits and owned by partners Tim and Teresa James, both of whom have careers vastly different to the liquor industry...

By Samantha Snedorf 5 Oct 2018

Meet the Maker: Monks Gin

Only a few short months ago a new gin was added to South Africa's repertoire and it was a noteworthy gem.

By Samantha Snedorf 28 Sep 2018

Meet the Maker: Imagin Gin

Stewart Berry, owner of Bryanston based liquor store Berry and Bottles has a little secret up his sleeve. Not only does his store stock, a large and varied alcohol range, but he also happens to own some of them...

By Samantha Snedorf 21 Sep 2018

Meet the Maker: Dry Dock Liquor

Samantha Snedorf chats to Martin Pienaar, co-owner of Dry Dock Liquor - a boutique liquor store on 4th Ave Parkhurst in Johannesburg...

By Samantha Snedorf 14 Sep 2018

Meet the Maker: Sugarbird Cape Fynbos Gin

In this week's #MeetTheMakers, Samantha Snedorf visits the Sugarbird Cape Fynbos Gin producers and chats to Brendan Witherspoon, Sugarbird's brand ambassador and trade marketing manager...

By Samantha Snedorf 7 Sep 2018

Meet the Maker: Inverroche Distillery

Inverroche can only be found after a long drive out from the Mother City. Situated in Stillbaai or Stillbay, it's not called still for nothing...

By Samantha Snedorf 31 Aug 2018

Meet the Maker: Ginologist, where science meets good taste

Ginologist is a scientifically distilled gin that has made waves in the gin community in spite of its relatively short time on the shelves...

By Samantha Snedorf 24 Aug 2018

Meet the Maker: Ryan Phillips of BrewCraft

In this week's Meet the Maker, Samantha Snedorf makes her own bathtub gin with BrewCraft's botanical kit and chats to owner, Ryan Phillips to find out a little more about what makes him tick...

By Samantha Snedorf 17 Aug 2018

Meet the Maker: Jacqueline Grobler

Meet Jacqueline Grobler, owner of Angel Heart Liqueur, Ginifer gin, Westcliff gin, Luvoa Vodka and Venom Moonshine as well as a set of all natural bitters; quite the repertoire for just one lady. Here, Samantha Snedorf sits down and experiences a day in the life of this master distiller...

By Samantha Snedorf 10 Aug 2018

Meet the Maker: Triple Three Distillery

Tucked away in Blaauwklippen Wine Estate, is a lovely little distillery that produces a top quality gin. Most people visit the estate for the grape-based alcohol but Samantha Snedorf's sole purpose was juniper based - as usual...

By Samantha Snedorf 3 Aug 2018

Meet the Maker: De Vry Distillery

Samantha Snedorf explores Johannesburg-based distilleries and visits De Vry Distillery, where she chats to Gerrit Du Plooy, one of three brothers who founded the company...

By Samantha Snedorf 27 Jul 2018

Meet the Maker: Pienaar and Son Distillery

What do the erstwhile indie band- Ashtray Electric and my favourite juniper spirit have in common? Andre Pienaar of course!

By Samantha Snedorf 20 Jul 2018

Meet the Maker: Love-Gin

Sam Snedorf introduces mother and son duo, Sandra and Heinrich Swanepoel, who owns Love-Gin - a product that gets you to create your very own juniper spirits...

By Samantha Snedorf 13 Jul 2018

Meet the Maker: Durbanville Distillery

The distillery as it turns out is not run as part of the wine estate, but rather as a separate entity which allows for them to focus on their distinctive gin and distillation process...

By Samantha Snedorf 6 Jul 2018

Meet the maker: Still 33

Still 33 is a craft distillery owned by Curtis and Brownyn Van Biljon who are honestly two of the nicest people I have met in a long time. A family-owned business based in Kyalami; I got to meet every single member of their clan as I sipped on a gin at 11am on a Sunday morning while discovering their story...

By Samantha Snedorf 29 Jun 2018

Meet the maker: Mark Taverner of Silver Creek Distillery

Silver Creek Distillery has been around since 2014. Mark Taverner started his journey with Shanna-Rae of Time Anchor Distillery as one of his mentors, as well as Lucy Beard from Hope on Hopkins. Even with these local influences, his alcohol has a unique twist to it...

By Samantha Snedorf 6 Jun 2018

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