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#BeautifulNews: This salon gives women a chance to makeover their lives
A massive transformation is taking place in Chante Herries’ salon – and not just for those getting their hair done. Some of the stylists who work here have a background of drug addiction, and the impact it’s had on their lives has been quietly devastating. “What these women have gone through has taken away so much of their self-esteem, their confidence, their self-love,” Herries says. But in between the roar of the blow dryer, the chatter and laughs, change is in motion. Read Chante Herries' full story...
4 Sep 2019 09:45
#BeautifulNews: This chef proves that bustling cities are the best place to farm
Where does your food come from? Over half of South Africa’s population live in cities, with no direct access to farms. We scour grocery store shelves for the most attractive packaging, rather than the freshest produce. Justin Bonello felt this massive disconnect between what we consume and its origins. So the chef set out to track our daily bread from field to store to dinner table. “We’ve become so reliant on mass-produced, homogenised food that we no longer even know what real food is,” Bonello says. This realisation drove him to dig up his own Cape Town garden, a move that’s led to a city-wide farming initiative. Read Justin Bonello's full story...
20 Aug 2019 11:58
#BeautifulNews: Vandalism? Look again. My graffiti tells a story of hope
The hiss of a spray can adds to the sound of Woodstock’s bustle. Street artist Chad Hanning is painting an animated visual on a once-bland wall. The cartoon figures he creates depict a multitude of feelings and offer commentary on South African politics. Hanning’s creative pursuit is a brave one. In 2010, the City of Cape Town passed a bylaw declaring the presence of graffiti anywhere within its formal jurisdiction a public nuisance. All signs of this expressive act were painted over. But Hanning believes these uniform surroundings don’t represent our vivid rainbow nation. Creating under the name Bushywopp, he’s determined to solidify the importance of street art. Read Chad Hanning's full story...
13 Aug 2019 11:59
See the launch of Orbit's new sustainable packaging campaign
The packaging of Orbit Gum's product range is now more sustainable and recyclable. The company's shift to more environmentally-friendly packaging falls in line Mars Incorporated's Sustainability in a Generation strategy. To create awareness around the new packaging, Orbit has also launched the Pledge to Plant campaign under the banner #JustOneThing. To create additional awareness around the campaign, Orbit has partnered with the University of Johannesburg art students to create an art installation. To read more about Orbit's new sustainable packaging, click...
5 Aug 2019 14:26
#BeautifulNews: Health over wealth. This nurse used her pension to save her community
Olivia Pharo has no intention of slowing down. When the nurse resigned, she could have taken her pension and travelled the world. But this was actually the start of her bringing better healthcare to Atlantis, a suburb in the Western Cape. Working at a local hospital, Pharo experienced the burden that gang-related casualties placed on medical staff. She grew increasingly frustrated at the disproportionately high number of patients limiting the time and quality of care she was able to give. “It is a human right for every patient to be treated with respect and dignity,” Pharo says. To ensure they receive the care they deserve, she cashed in her pension and used it to open her own clinic. In March 2019, the nurse started Sister Pharo’s Primary Health Care. Read Olivia Pharo's full story...
30 Jul 2019 11:47
#BeautifulNews: “Fashion should be inclusive.” Introducing SA’s first-ever range of braille clothing
If your clothes could talk, what would they say? Designer Balini Naidoo believes an outfit can do more than make a statement. Naidoo’s uncle is visually impaired, and she realised he struggled to identify his clothing. Choosing what to wear and reading the size and wash care details on a label can be a challenge for people who can’t see. “Fashion should be inclusive,” Naidoo says. So she began creating garments which enable people to become more self-reliant. With her range of braille apparel, she’s altering the industry. Read Balini Naidoo's full story...
25 Jul 2019 14:13
Bizcommunity embraces Mandela Day
In the spirit of Mandela Day, Bizcommunity staff members volunteered to spend time with learners at Manenberg Primary School in Cape Town. The volunteers interacted and read to 70 learners between Grades R-1. The school is part of the Western Cape Education Department's literacy programme and is an ongoing project in underprivileged communities. In the wise words of the late Nelson Mandela, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."...
24 Jul 2019 14:31
#BeautifulNews: This 21-year-old ploughed her way to becoming a green pepper expert
Love stories often make for riveting tales. Mahlatse Matlakana’s journey of courage, sacrifice, and passion is one epic romance with an unexpected source of affection – green peppers. At the age of 15, Matlakana supported her family by working on farms in Arrie Village, Limpopo. What she didn’t know was that this act of survival would lead to her owning her own business before she turned 21. Read Mahlatse Matlakana's full story...
23 Jul 2019 12:41
Save Our Schools launches three initiatives on Mandela Day
Save Our Schools (SOS) did its part for Mandela Day 2019 by launching three initiatives in the Bloekombos community of Kraaifontein. The initiatives were launched in collaboration with Grundfos, Munich Re, and Mountain Falls.
23 Jul 2019 11:15
Adidas, Orlando Pirates create EcoBricks for Mandela Day
Adidas and Orlando Pirates Football Club gave back on Mandela Day by learning about the importance of adopting sustainable practices and by creating EcoBricks using non-recyclable plastic waste.
22 Jul 2019 10:47
#BeautifulNews: This sculptor can turn your old shoes into art
Flip-flop art looks better than it sounds. Davis Ndungu’s colourful figures of animals are mesmerising. But their most remarkable characteristic is the artist’s medium of choice – old shoes. Every year, thousands of flip-flops end up in the ocean. Most are made of polyurethane rubber, a non-biodegradable material that’s toxic to marine life. “It is important for us to ask ourselves where the things we discard go to,” Ndungu says. When these sandals wash up on shore, they also disrupt the breeding habitats of sea creatures. To remind us of their plight, Ndungu is using recycled shoes to carve out thought-provoking sculptures. Read Davis Ndungu's full story...
15 Jul 2019 08:16
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