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Kuzuko Lodge welcomes 3 newborn cubs

Kuzuko Lodge has welcomed its first cubs born from a captive-born female cheetah. The three cubs and their mother are part of the first wave of cats to be introduced for the Cheetah Breeding, Wilding & Release Project, initiated between Kuzuko Lodge and Ashia Cheetah Conservation NPO.

The primary goal of the project comprises the Cheetah Breeding Project in a secure but natural environment provided on Kuzuko's game reserve. The breeding section is made up of an area of close to 600ha where captive-born cats are able to hunt, mate and give birth in the wild.

The predator-free area allows close monitoring of adult animals and pregnant females as well as their future offspring.

The newborn cubs will remain with their mother to grow up in the protected wild and learn to hunt on their own. Once mature enough to fend for themselves, they will enter the Cheetah Metapopulation Project that will identify suitable game reserves for the offspring born at Kuzuko.
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