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Don't Tell Them - Show Them

I made some time this morning to read through a few blogs and forums on "creativity". 14 Jun 2011

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Archiving / Backup of Design/Video work

I'm wondering how other agencies handle archiving of their work 22 May 2011

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Who are the future Branders

Are the 'old guards' of branding ready to pass the baton to the future banders? 15 Nov 2010

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Absa and Rugby Transformation

The sponsor's rights 28 Sep 2010

South Africa is in need of Brand Ambassadors - To Inspire and Ignite the nation

Our country is in need of new role-models and Brand Ambassadors from the Communities where we live, work, school and socialise. 28 Jul 2010

Jabulani - Opens the debate around naming/branding of things/objects and Celebrity Endorsements

Impact of Jabulani on the total 2010 World Cup image, reputation and perceptions about South Africa... 24 Jun 2010

How do we change perceptions about Brand South Africa?

How Brand South Africa can use 2010 World Cup to Change Perceptions about the Brand 6 May 2010

Who and what is Brand South Africa?

Do we as South Africans know what is expected from us to help build Brand South Africa? 20 Apr 2010

determine if an award winning advertisement communicates understandable brand messages

Are there any award winning ads that send good bramd messages? 26 Mar 2010

Durban City Branding

Place branding centers on peoples perceptions and images, and puts them at the heart of orchestrated activities designed to shape the place and it's future. 15 Oct 2009

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Boring old Admin/ Creative and Fun Communication/ Branding

Stay in the Admin field or take the adventurous route of a career elsewhere. 8 Jun 2009

Good riddance on SABC's Khanyi Mkhonza

I think the SABC or rather Minister of Communications is starting on a right pace. First, the removal of chairwoman, Khanyi Mkhonza is a step in the right direction. 5 Jun 2009

Brand Managers Salaries

How do brand managers get paid? 30 May 2009

Audio branding and product identity

Do you and your clients have a clear sense of what your brand sounds like? 4 May 2009

The power of branding especially during elections

South Africans are a few minutes away from voting for the new democratic government and political parties have since started colouring our streets and villages with posters and everything 3 Feb 2009

Zakumi is not representative of the majority of soccer lovers in South Africa

Zakumi lacks energy, township flair and he is out-of-touch with SA's youth culture - he cannot even dance. 19 Nov 2008

Woolworths packaging now based on renewable materials

In response to "Woolworths Foods: customer champion, environmental villain? By: Patrick Carmody" I now see that the new Woolies sandwich packaging is based on renewable materials. Great start Woolies. 2 Oct 2008

AA - whats up with them?

Whats the general take on the AA brand? 22 Sep 2008

What is 5D Branding?

Does anyone know what 5D Branding is? 4 Sep 2008

The new Coke Zero packaging and branding is a copywork of Pepsi Max.

The new Coke Zero packaging and branding has a lot to talk about.Given the rivalry between these two giants soft drinks manufacturers in the world,Coca Cola LTD & Pepsi,the recent branding and packaging of the Coke Zero soft drink by Coca Cola is nothing else but copywork of Pepsi. 18 Aug 2008

Chicken-Licken's marketing drives not working

There's something wrong with Chicken-Licken's marketing initiaves- they just don't cut it. 26 Jun 2008

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What are the brand touch points that young people come accross when buying a cellphone service?

What do you buy when your'e buying from MTN besides airtime? 5 Jun 2008

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Mellow Wood Scuse me scuse me - what the hell is this rubbish?

There is a commercial running on air that is just nonsensical, could someone please tell us what they want us to know. 30 Apr 2008

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Something to chew on

Having just seen Orbit 'Professional' chewing gum for the first time, I'm bemused but delighted. 24 Apr 2008

Is Positioning Dead?

Some time back I came across a blog from a person from some interactive advertising agency proclaiming that Positioning as a branding strategy is dead. It got me thinking. 17 Apr 2008

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E-TV re-branding

I really want to applaud the e-tv team for the job well done on their re-branding exercise. The agency responsible has put 110% 7 Apr 2008

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What's Pepsi's problem?????

Pepsi has a rather small market share in SA, while around the world they are a well established, highly successful company. We are marketing students researching reasons for this. Are South African's simply brand loyal or does the taste not appeal to us? What is your take on Pepsi's ads, prices and product range? Where does Pepsi's problem lie? 13 Mar 2008

Marketing Manager vs. Brand Manager

What's the difference? 29 Nov 2007

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