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South African stats on social media useage

We're very limited with the statistics available on social media useage in South Africa. 10 Sep 2012

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Which social media monitoring tool to use??

Any advice on a good monitoring programme? 12 Jul 2011

information search

I am a student of Business Management and Marketing at the IES Francesc Ferrer i Guardia in Sant Joan Despi (Barcelona). I have to do a commercial research about editorial marketing posted in newspapers from other countries I'm interesting in SouthAfrican newspapers. 13 Apr 2011

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magazine sales and advertising

I started a small business magazine that will be distributed at 54 small business centres nation wide. 29 Sep 2010

help! what are the copyright laws in sa?

Having just returned to SA from the UK, we are not clear on any recent changes to copyright laws governing marketing/advertising works. We're in dispute with a non-paying client. Can anyone clarify? 7 Sep 2010

National Geographic quick request: African/South African time travel films/TV etc?

I'm working on a short piece for National Geographic's website comparing time travel devices in various countries movies, but haven't found any examples from Africa. Can you help? 26 Mar 2010

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Freelance journalists - please help!

I need some information about freelancing during the recession please. 9 Mar 2010

The economic recession and investor psychology

More research into investor psychology 13 Jul 2009

Attention marketers and researchers

Is there a specific course training on research software application, particularly SPSS? 19 Jan 2009

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How do I gain entry to Sunday Times, Mail&Guardian and Independant on Sunday as an Intern

The mainstream English newspapers should be accessible to junior journalists fresh from the desk. 19 Nov 2008

Filing/Storing of Research documents

Can any one teel me how long must research documents be kept? 19 Nov 2008

Research documents

How long must research documents be kept? 18 Nov 2008

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Question: What is the LSM market segment for women: Black, White, Indier, other in South Afirca?

Which website can I accsess to get the latest information regarding demografics, LSM market segment as well as population in age for women with a family or no dependants in South Africa? Please advice!!!! 23 Oct 2008

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Qualitative Research

What do creatives think of qual research?Please note that i'm not necessarily referring to focus groups only, but to research holistically.I know creatives are generally anti-research,but is it because of the way its done? 13 Oct 2008

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Product Life Cycle

Product life cycle is a dificult topic to recearch particularly if it is an current product.I recuire life cycle information on current products for a part of an marketing assignment.If any one can tel me where or who i could contact to get this type information please let me know 22 Sep 2008

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What is so special about these posts?

Are there not suitable candidates out there to fill in these positions? 14 Aug 2008

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Garbiology in SA

Is there a subject called garbiology? 26 Jun 2008

Genuine Hyundia Replacement Parts Dealership

Im looking at opening up a genuine hyundai replacement parts dealership. Has anyone done a survey on the most viable area in Gauteng to open one? Any sort of info will be appreciated 21 Apr 2008

Marketing associations; Some advice needed.

I am working in Field Marketing and returning to South Africa. I am looking to join an association and would appreciate some advice. 8 Apr 2008

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Black diamonds....

I have been reading so many things about the so called Black Diamonds in the new South Africa. 26 Mar 2008

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Affirmative action in the media

I am doing an assignment for my final year of media studies and I need to write on affirmitive action and BEE in the media. Any sources you know of? It's difficult to gather such information about he media, usually they are the ones writing about AA & BEE in other industries. 13 Mar 2008

Racism in advertising

Which ads do you find racially offensive? 25 Feb 2008

Maintaining long term relationships with clients

I am looking for information on how to maintain long term relationships in a client service industry such as market research. 6 Nov 2007

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The size and value of the youth market in South Africa

I am looking for information about the size and value of the youth market in South Africa. 7 Jun 2007

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Marketing spend

What percentage of turnover do you think a typical company should be spending on marketing? 21 Mar 2007

Michael R. Smith

Seeking research info on this great Universal Images artist? 23 Jan 2007

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Advertising and marketing statistics

I'm looking for SA's total revenue in advertising and marketing over the past few years. 23 Jan 2007

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Business Development

There is a lot of buzz going on in the IT world at the moment around SMB, most vendors are stepping-up their activities in this arena. What I want to find out if anyone is helping the targetted SMBs to achieve the growth now expected of them? 29 Nov 2004

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Online Payment

Is paying online working? 10 Nov 2004

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