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Is South Africa ready for smart cities?
Is South Africa ready for smart cities?

The concept of the 'smart city' is growing in popularity as more and more connected technologies emerge. The term has many definitions...

By Paul Divall 29 Jul 2015

Bonnie Ramaila
Political parties are big brands

The other day I had a rude awakening around brands and corporate identity. I wore a red beret, no, it did not have Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) or African National Congress (ANC) logo on it - it was just plain...

By Bonnie Ramaila 22 May 2015

Mmusi Maimane - Master of communication
Mmusi Maimane - Master of communication

When in early 2011 Mmusi Maimane emerged on the South African political landscape as the DA's mayoral candidate, most people's reaction was Mmu who?...

By Marion Scher 12 May 2015

SAA's unfair competitive advantage
SAA's unfair competitive advantage

The plot between Comair and SAA thickens as Comair takes the legal battle against the government's bailouts of SAA to court...

By Tralone Khoza 7 May 2015

Practical finance plan may put land reform on track
Practical finance plan may put land reform on track

The Agricultural Business Chamber (Agbiz) and the Banking Association South Africa's (Banking Association) model to finance land reform is currently in the spotlight...

By Derick van der Walt 1 Apr 2015

Richard Firth
Is SA ready to be a knowledge economy?

While government initiatives set to improve the country's science and technology output are laudable, the question must be asked: is SA ready to transition to a knowledge-based economy?

By Richard Firth 12 Mar 2015

Zuma and the ANC have faced heavy criticism for what many believe to be their betrayal of Nelson Mandela's ideals, but people still vote for the party - despite the perceived betrayal, and among other issues, corruption,mismanagement, waste and poor service delivery... (Image: GCIS)
Brands, cats and the ANC all have nine lives

I was asked to comment by a few business newspapers last week about the impact on the Ocean Basket restaurant brand following a complaint that it sold some dishes using freshwater fish...

By Chris Moerdyk 19 Feb 2015

Blade Nzimande wants stronger action to be taken to curb what he views as racist comments and hate speech on online media. (Image: GCIS)
Confronting racism on the internet: A response to Nzimande

Minister of Higher Education and Communist Party chief Blade Nzimande is right to be concerned about hate speech and racism on the internet - but what is to be done about it?

By Anton Harber 8 Jan 2015

Anton Harber
SA must put pressure on Swaziland to open society

I think SA should recall its ambassador to Swaziland and threaten to close our borders with the country. I am not joking...

By Anton Harber 22 Aug 2014

Anton Harber
Does a liar as a source ever deserve protection?

It is easy to review ethical decisions in journalism with hindsight, when one has the luxury of time to wonder whether a choice made under pressure was the correct one...

By Anton Harber 8 Aug 2014

Hlaudi Motsoeneng: The right man for the job, says the writer. (Image: SABC)
Actually, Hlaudi is the right man for the job...

Hlaudi Motsoeneng is absolutely the ideal man for the job as Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the SABC.

By Chris Moerdyk 24 Jul 2014

Jenny Reid
Lessons from the NPA: When the past comes back to haunt you

More skeletons have fallen out of the National Prosecuting Authority's closet, throwing security flaws within government into the spotlight once again. Could this happen within your organisation?

By Jenny Reid 15 Jul 2014

The re-appointment of Dr Aaron Motsoaledi as health minister is bad news for the advertising, marketing and liquor industries. (Image: GCIS)
Bad news for media and marketers

The spectre of advertising bans on liquor and fast food advertising as well as restrictive onslaughts against the media are glaringly evident in Jacob Zuma's choice of cabinet.

By Chris Moerdyk 29 May 2014

Anton Harber
Objectivity of media is not about which side it is on

In the 1994 elections, only one newspaper called on voters explicitly to support the African National Congress (ANC). It is a startling reminder of how the structures of the apartheid media industry carried into the new era.

By Anton Harber 16 May 2014

Why would the ANC weaken the SABC when it is one of the party's most potent weapons?
SABC is key weapon in ANC's arsenal

Elections present us with the various parties' competing narratives: different views of the past, present and future vying for the attention of voters.

By Anton Harber 9 May 2014

Anton Harber
SABC shows ANC colours in run-up to elections

One would expect a public broadcaster to bend over backwards to show its neutrality at a time such as this. Well, not the SABC...

By Anton Harber 22 Apr 2014

Gerald Naidoo
The future is smart, and it's here

Government service delivery is once again in the headlines, with ongoing protests in some areas highlighting the desperation of those living in poorer areas for access to improved services.

By Gerald Naidoo 17 Apr 2014

Anton Harber
Praise to the media, but much else can be done

At times such as these, I want to sing the praise of those elements of our news media that show courage and doggedness.

By Anton Harber 28 Mar 2014

Marion Scher
Elections and media - the truth and nothing but the truth?

With all the media converging on the Pistorius murder trial many people have forgotten or not even realised that in fact in just under two month's we have a national election!

By Marion Scher 18 Mar 2014

Lionel Moyal
Enabling government through technology

Although the South African government has a reputation for openness towards innovation, it has yet to embrace the remarkable opportunity that lies within the mobile sector.

By Lionel Moyal 26 Feb 2014

The SABC: Rotting from the top
The SABC: Rotting from the top

Public Protector Thuli Madonsela released her report on the SABC yesterday. The report - 'When Governance and Ethics Fail' - paints a damning picture of abuse of power, mismanagement, waste and corruption, and outright dishonesty at the public broadcaster.

By Rod Baker 18 Feb 2014

Chris Moerdyk
Come on SABC, give us a break!

At the risk of being utterly boring once again banging on about the SABC, I feel as though some sort of bizarre sense of duty requires me to comment on the completely predictable findings of a PriceWaterhouseCoopers audit on the national broadcaster...

By Chris Moerdyk 7 Feb 2014

The disturbing silence of the FXI lambs
The disturbing silence of the FXI lambs

'MMA has viewed the headline news bulletins from SABC1, SABC2 and SABC3 and can confirm that no mention of the booing incident was made in any of the bulletins.'

By Ed Herbst 4 Feb 2014

Imposing one story on Africa is doing it a disservice
Imposing one story on Africa is doing it a disservice

The African Media Leaders Forum in Addis Ababa last week ended on a weak note: Politicians want the media to generate a new, positive African narrative.

By Anton Harber 15 Nov 2013

SABC board... There goes Gosa. Again
SABC board... There goes Gosa. Again

NEWSWATCH: Noluthando Gosa, who has resigned twice from the board previously, has made it a hat-trick, reports Mail & Guardian, and EWN reports the ANC is taking City Press to the ombudsman over one of the newspaper's reports.

By Rod Baker 12 Nov 2013

Rod Baker
Guptas go for gold: Sue papers

NEWSWATCH: ENCA (and Mail & Guardian - on the receiving end) report the Guptas are suing M&G and Sunday Times for R500m; meanwhile, a senior air force officer (suspended), says Zuma was involved in Guptagate, reports Mail & Guardian.

By Rod Baker 3 Oct 2013

Adam Samie
Growing South Africa's middleclass for long-term prosperity

More collaboration is needed between government and business to grow South Africa's black middleclass, despite the doubling over the past eight years.

By Adam Samie 4 Jul 2013


NEWSWATCH: Makaziwe Mandela had a go at the media recently, calling them 'vultures', so Zakes Nakedi, writing in BD Live, has tried to put a little perspective on the issue. (Video)

By Rod Baker 1 Jul 2013

Oresti Patricios
Brand SA - Reputation, we have a problem

South Africa faces significant structural challenges that can't be fixed by spending money on advertising the brand. It could well be time to reassess Brand South Africa's raison d'ĂȘtre and its relationship with the state.

By Oresti Patricios, Issued by Ornico 31 May 2013

Anton Harber
The Red Shoe Minister, the former journalist, the current editor and the Press Council

It's a tale of intrigue and irony, but the Press Council has said it is unable to consider a complaint by Minster of Communications Minister Dina Pule's spokesperson, former journalist Wisani Ngobeni, against Sunday Times editor Phylicia Oppelt.

By Anton Harber 30 May 2013

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