#LetsTalkDigital: Haydn Townsend: Experience transcends communication

The powerful convergence of marketing and technology in today’s marketplace means that brands are no longer built through advertising, but through experiences. We have observed seismic consumer behavior shifts in the last 12 months which are likely to stay with us permanently.

Right now, an experience renaissance is afoot – one that is galvanizing companies to push beyond the CX philosophy and organize the whole business around the delivery of exceptional experiences. These experiences must respond to customers’ new, often unmet and frequently changing needs to enable them to achieve their desired outcomes.

This is the Business of Experience aka BX. BX is very much a new category of leadership that savvy CEOs and their leadership teams will embrace as we move deeper into the coming decade.

Our guest today is Haydn Townsend Managing Director at Accenture Interactive who will be talking to us about this new concept of BX and how businesses need to adapt to the new playing field.

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