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Sensor boards put energy saving into the shop window

VANCOUVER, CANADA: As the population of the world increases so does our consumption of its resources. In the '80s the environmental message was all about CFCs and the green house effect. In the '90s it was the issues surrounding global warming and today, it is about the havoc wreaked by climate change. However, whatever the message, it is clear that we as the dominant animals on the planet, we have a responsibility to consider how we consume its energy resources.
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BC Hydro wanted to raise awareness of electrical usage in British Columbia Canada and encourage people to avoid waste and use only the power needed. Research showed that customers knew how to use less energy; they just weren't clear on why they should bother.

A television campaign was launched depicting extravagant wastage, like using excessive amounts of paper towel to dry your hands, and compared this to the wasted energy from a family leaving the lights on. The same wasteful behaviour theme was brought to print and Out-Of-Home (OOH).

Drawing attention - 24/7

BC Hydro's interactive storefront 'Sensor Boards' installation was made up of seven panels that promoted the 'Let's Be Smart With Our Power' message using energy efficient LED lighting technology. The storefront was based on a motion sensitive trigger system, detecting pedestrian's proximity to the storefront and turning the lights on and off as people passed by. Located on the busy Hornby Street bike lane, the interactive storefront was active 24 hours a day, garnering attention from people that passed by.

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The campaign was extended into retailer partnerships like 'Power Smart' that offered incentives for items like energy-efficient lighting and appliances. Paid media supported the BC Hydro program that offered free pick-up and cash incentives to recycle old refrigerators.

All communications drove to a website which housed video, an interactive game and links to other 'Power Smart' programs and deals. Local bloggers were tapped through BC Hydro's social platforms, video messages from celebrities were distributed and Facebook 'likes' were encouraged through retail incentives.


91% of British Columbians agreed that they would be "doing more" to save power since seeing the campaign (an increase of 6%).
Online visits to were up 365% from the previous month
Social media there was 4300 new fans (703% increase), and 700 new followers (54% increase)
The OOH execution 'Sensor Boards' won Gold in the 'Offline Digital' Category at the digital marketing awards Canada 2011.

Over the 38 day campaign with the sensor boards, there were 142 880 interactions - an average of 3760 per day.

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