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Elections 2024

JJ Tabane on Coalitions leading up to the 2024 General Elections in May.

JJ Tabane on Coalitions leading up to the 2024 General Elections in May.

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    Telkom FutureMakers launches innovation incubator for township entrepreneurs

    Telkom is looking for 15 budding entrepreneurs who are based in Soweto and using technology to solve a problem in their communities.
    Photo by Nikolai UlltangĀ© from
    Photo by Nikolai UlltangĀ© from Pexels

    The company launched a Township Innovation Incubator to enable township-based technology and social entrepreneurs to access technology development support, financial and non-financial business support services to turn their ideas into viable and scalable solutions addressing social challenges in their communities and the broader market.

    Township Innovation Incubator is an 18-month virtual technology business programme powered by Telkom offering entrepreneurs assistance with technology development, business development services, digital skills training, office space, access to market and access to funding support. To qualify, the applicants needs to meet the following criteria:

    • Idea/Concept leveraging technology to solve a social challenge
    • Founders have to based and intend to operate their businesses in Soweto
    • Have a technology-driven idea/concept that solves a social challenge
    • 51%+ Black-owned South African entity
    • The Entrepreneur must possess a high calibre of an entrepreneurial mindset (e.g. Risk Taker, Problem Solver, Curiosity, Leadership, Strategic Thinking, Innovator)

    “The project is close to our heart as a business because driving meaningful social impact in and around the communities we operate is imperative; we have to take care of the people who take care of us – there is very clear correlation between our success as a business and the success of our communities,” said Mmathebe Zvobwo, Telkom’s executive for FutureMakers.

    “The devastating rate of unemployment among youth alone is an alarming call to which we need to wake up and actively engage with local businesses and communities in an effort to lessen and ultimately eliminate. The repercussions otherwise are a ripple wave that will stun us all.”

    Application deadline is 11 December 2020 and applicants can apply at

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