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Immunity, mental wellbeing, and healthy ageing among top 2022 trends

Immune support, mental wellbeing, weight management and healthy ageing are among the top health and wellness trends for 2022, according to a global report.
Source: , co-founder of Gève Phytogenetics.
Source: Aseyah Rosslind, co-founder of Gève Phytogenetics.

The report, presented at a virtual expo of the global nutraceutical industry, also indicates a growing interest in botanicals (medicinal plants) such as ginger, turmeric, garlic, echinacea and medicinal mushrooms.

Health expert, Maria Ascencao, said the pandemic had caused a reset in human behaviour and a surge in demand for quality immune-supporting products and a new focus on nutrition: “Consumers are more aware of nutrition and supplementation and are viewing their food intake in a new way,” she said.

The global report said postbiotics (bioactive compounds in the gut) were gaining traction for immune and gut support, for helping reduce the severity of some allergies and for supporting weight management. Fibre, in particular, was becoming increasingly important for weight management and was now being added to functional food and drink products, the report added.

It further noted that hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, antioxidants, zeaxanthin, lutein, and collagen all played an important role in healthy ageing, including promoting eye, skin and joint health.

Source: . Science and botanicals - a winning combination for a lifetime of healthy skin.
Source: Aseyah Rosslind. Science and botanicals - a winning combination for a lifetime of healthy skin.

Mental health a priority

Pharmacist and life coach, Giulia Criscuolo, said mental health conditions had spiked during the pandemic and the report showed the public was taking action for better wellbeing: “We’re being forced to pay attention to mental health, including getting enough restorative sleep, keeping active and practising mindfulness,” she said.

Health practitioner and expert in homeopathy, Dr Arnike Redelinghuys, said research shows that demand is rising globally for immune and gut-supporting supplements. “It’s important to choose those with proven advanced absorption and bioavailability such as Bio-Curcumin to fight inflammation, saffron supplement Felix, to help reduce cravings and enhance mood, sleep and cognitive health, and Biomax Liposomal Vitamin C which helps deliver vitamin C molecules directly into the bloodstream,” she added.

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