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Vision to Reality selects 20 finalists

PwC announced late last week that 20 finalists have been selected for the 2015 Vision to Reality Awards programme, narrowed down from the initial entries of more than 80 across Africa. The awards celebrate emerging companies with tech-enabled solutions across all industries.
"These businesses' ability to inspire others and ignite a business from the start-up phase to leading the industry is a significant achievement," says Danie Fölscher, PwC Partner in Charge of the Western Cape region.

To be successful requires vision and leadership, financial accomplishment, strategic direction and innovation. These companies have made a difference in Africa by having the courage to share their visions and then turn them into reality in the form of revenues and growth in their particular industry.

"Globally, there is an increasing focus on entrepreneurship and innovation. Entrepreneurship must be acknowledged and supported across the African continent to address the issue of poverty and joblessness on the continent. These innovative emerging companies are disruptive and are highly scalable businesses. They require professional services to add value to their goals and vision, and ensure they are sustainable."

The overall winner will attend and present at the global PwC Accelerator conference where PwC's Accelerator team showcases the flagship companies selected by PwC's Accelerator worldwide to enhance their visibility and credibility, boost their professional reputation and introduce them to potential partners that can help them in their internationalisation strategy.

"This year's finalists were chosen from the most dynamic, enterprising and successful businesses. It is encouraging that entrepreneurs are taking pride in the businesses that they have helped to create and transform. It is critical for governments to acknowledge and support them, as they play an important role in the economy by creating jobs and stimulating growth."

PwC has also collaborated with the SA Innovation Summit for the 2015 Vision to Reality Awards programme and use the SA Innovation Summit PwC Pitching Den as the platform for the top 20 Vision to Reality finalists to pitch. After the first round of pitches have taken place on 28 August at the summit, the top 10 up-and-coming companies will be selected by the independent panel of judges and will be recognised at the SA Innovation ceremony.

Top 20 finalists

    • 10X Investments
    • BabyGroup
    • Clear Sky Energy (Pty) Ltd
    • Digicash
    • Emerge Mobile and iKhokha
    • eMoyo
    • Everlytic
    • Info Slips
    • Nomanini
    • Open Box Software
    • Origin Dynamic Systems (Pty) Ltd
    • Overscore (Pty) Ltd
    • PayFast
    • Quicket
    • Sea Monster Entertainment
    • SNC (Stellenbosch Nanofibres Technology)
    • SPARK Schools
    • Telemedicine Africa (Pty) Ltd
    • Traderoot Technologies
    • Xpitec (Pty) Ltd
Various key stakeholders in the ecosystem also support the programme, including COCT, Wesgro, UCT GSB, SmartXChange, BizFarm, Silicon Cape, BWB/CITi, Start-up Grind and Knife Capital.
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