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#Loeries2021: Eduardo Marques: Live, PR & Out of Home and Integrated jury president

As the chief creative officer at Publicis Groupe Netherlands and Belgium, Eduardo Marques is the Live, PR & Out of Home and Integrated jury president for Loeries 2021.
Eduardo Marques, chief creative officer at Publicis Groupe Netherlands and Belgium
Eduardo Marques, chief creative officer at Publicis Groupe Netherlands and Belgium

How do you feel about judging at this year’s Loeries?

I feel privileged to be invited to the Loeries! I am learning a lot about the culture and its differences and growing a lot with our discussions.

Tell us more about yourself and why you believe you were selected – your judging experience and so on.

I am a Brazilian working in the Netherlands and Belgium, and I just came from Spain. Before that, I was in the US, in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Of course I’ve worked in Brazil as well and had the chance to work in the Middle East too. The opportunity life gave me to be working with such different markets and cultures brought me a respectful way of seeing things coming from our industry.

Each country, each creative has their good fight to fight, in a different way. When you start to comprehend the different nuances, it can shape you as a better creative, as a better professional, as a better person.
I am blessed to be here, to have my mind opened again.

When you heard about being selected as a judge, how did you celebrate the news?

You always celebrate it with your people, with your team, with your agency. But you always take it as a huge responsibility too, especially when you’re the president of a jury.

What does this mean to you, personally?

As I mentioned before, this means learning, growing, and opening my mind to new ways of seeing our work.

Which category will you be judging?

PR, Live and Integrated.

What do you expect to experience as a judge?

I expect to see amazing work, to have awesome discussions and, of course, to make great friends.

What specific criteria will you be looking for when judging?

First of all, the originality of the idea, the brilliancy behind it and the way it responds to the challenge or if it’s attached to culture. Then, the execution, the craft of it, great ideas are even greater when beautifully made. And, absolutely, I won’t forget the scale of it - and its impact.

You have some major experience in the creative industry. Could you comment on the impact of Covid-19 on the industry?

Budgets are cut, clients are afraid to take risks, and our minds were not in perfect control either, right? The whole industry suffered, on both sides. So imagine the challenge to be creative in the middle of all of that? Bravo to the ones who made it work!

Share a few of your favourite Loeries-related moments over the years – either from attending personally or agency winning work-related.

This is my first Loeries, so I am very curious to know the outcome, especially if we can be together again.

Any predictions of trends that are likely to stand out at Loeries 2021?

I think cause-related work is getting bigger and bigger. Brands are starting to act more than just say or tell something. I heard a nice sentence this year: “If the government is not changing the world, the brands will do.”

What do you believe SA creatives bring to the Loeries judging mix?

A lot of expertise and swag! SA creatives are pretty awesome, and they know how to do a lot with less – that’s how you see when a person is really really creative.

Lastly, what are you most looking forward to from Loeries 2021?

Passionate people sharing their love for ideas.

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