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Could Cape Town see its green waste drop-off sites closed?

NEWSWATCH: According to a tweet from organic compost producer Reliance Compost, Cape Town could see its green waste drop-off sites closed due to its contract with the city coming to an end after 15 years, and no other contractor appointed to continue rendering the service.

The tweet, shared on Monday, 29 January, was refuted by mayoral committee member for water and waste services councillor Xanthea Limberg, who said that a contingency plan had been implemented while the tender process, currently in the appeal period, was under way.

The appeal, said to have been lodged by Reliance, has thrown a spanner in the works for waste management firms invested in the tender process Waste Carriers and Landfill Consult, which are both highly frustrated by the delay and the associated financial implications for their respective businesses.

Reliance, having managed a number of the city's green waste drop-off sites over 15 years, seeks clarity on its contract.

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Sadly the saga refered to in article in 2018 is still not over. Currently City drop-offs are a mess to say the least. Waste is piling up and at some sites contractors have not delivered a service for over a month. The City refuses to take action on non-performance, Department of Environment and City law enforcement refuse to take action. Fire department has warned Solid Waste of fire risks. City staff on these sites are "not allowed to talk about this".
Posted on 7 Jun 2019 11:19