Blockchain unpacked

We frequently associate blockchain with Bitcoin. However, blockchain technology extends beyond the realm of cryptocurrency. Blockchain is not limited to financial or banking transactions. In fact, transactions can be the movement of money, goods or secure data.
Todd Garrigues, director of partner sales programs at Intel Corporation

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a digital record like a traditional ledger. Individual transactions, each with a unique timestamp, are coupled with other transactions and built into blocks. When a block is complete, that gets a unique timestamp, too. The block is then sent over the network and connects to other blocks, forming a chain. The links of the chain ensure its security and make information stored in the blockchain virtually tamper-proof.

Originally developed as part of the Bitcoin digital currency, blockchain establishes a decentralised framework for transactions. Instead of a central authority like a credit card clearing house, verification is decentralised and comes from the consensus of multiple users in the network.

Beyond crypto

Blockchain has the potential to transform the way enterprises, governments and consumers exchange data. It can facilitate secure and transparent tracking of assets and present opportunities to collaborate on shared business processes. Blockchain technology also provides enhanced security.

Processor technologies have capabilities that can improve the privacy, security, scalability and trust across blockchain networks. Processor technologies keep blockchain data encrypted until it is needed for a transaction. At that time, it is decrypted in a secure enclave where it is only viewable by permission.

The outlook for Blockchain

Together with Microsoft, Intel is making blockchain easier for your data centre customers to use. Microsoft’s recently announced Confidential Consortium Blockchain Framework (CoCo Framework) is meant to advance enterprise adoption of blockchain by making it ready for business. That means meeting the enterprise mandates of performance, governance and security.
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About the author

Todd Garrigues is director of partner sales programs at Intel Corporation