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Wits Plus was established as the Centre for Part-time Studies at the University of the Witwatersrand in 1999 and has since undergone a number of changes.

A recent shift is the inclusion of the Wits Language School as part of Wits Plus, with its own distinct brand. Incorporating the language school, along with an overall goal of expanding part-time degree programmes and short course offerings are both important to better serve the public need for education and development.

In a rapidly changing digital age, Wits Plus is customising its course offerings to adapt to the needs of its students and the demands of the business world. Wits Plus has become a version 2.0 of itself: lean and efficient, embedded in the Faculties and facilitating educational pathways to fulfil changing student needs.

Wits Plus is about access and inclusivity to give opportunity and facilitate entry into university for people who had been previously disadvantaged and may not have had access to certain routes for career advancement.

Wits Plus offers selected Wits degrees part-time, to attract working adult learners to Wits. The centre also provides a range of short courses, both business-oriented and language-focused, which includes a number of fully online short courses.

Applications to study part-time degrees in 2022 are open until 30 September and applications for various language courses close on 3 September. For more information, visit the Wits Plus website and Wits Language School website.

Wits Plus
If life and your career is a full-time job and you can't study full-time but you need to learn more to earn more or advance yourself then Wits Plus is definitely for you.

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