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Discover the heartbeat of technical running at Sportsmans Warehouse

For every runner in South Africa, whether you're just stepping into the journey or have countless kilometres behind you, the path to your personal best starts with the right gear and guidance. Sportsmans Warehouse, a cornerstone in the South African sporting industry since 1986, continues to be a torchbearer for the South African running community.
Discover the heartbeat of technical running at Sportsmans Warehouse

Sportsmans’ Home of Running: Where South African runners find their gear and guidance

Venture into Sportsmans’ Home of Running and discover their extensive collection. From the latest running shoes for men, women, and kids, to high-performance activewear and tech. With brands that resonate with every runner's soul, from Garmin to ASICS. And it's not just products; Sportsmans’ repository of expert advice, from hydration strategies to the nuances of OTG tights, ensures that every runner genuinely understands what gear to buy for their unique needs.

Discover the heartbeat of technical running at Sportsmans Warehouse

Africa’s first: RUN-id service. How you walk, transformed into perfect shoe matches

Sportsmans’ is the first retailer in Africa to implement RUN-id. The complimentary in-store service uses industry-leading technology to evaluate how you walk, to give you a personalised shoe recommendation. Above and beyond discovering the best shoe for your running style, you get your personalised results stored and shared with you. Recognised by Irvette van Zyl (above), the women's 50km ultramarathon world record holder, RUN-id stands as a testament to Sportsmans’ commitment to excellence.

Discover the heartbeat of technical running at Sportsmans Warehouse

Sportsmans Warehouse aren’t just selling products. They’re running alongside you

With 160+ running specialists across all stores, who are expertly-trained on an ongoing basis, you're always in good hands. Sportsmans’ involvement extends far beyond its stores. From headlining iconic events like the Winelands Marathon to supporting over 40 events annually, they’re not just selling products; they’re running alongside you.

Sportsmans and Discovery Vitality: Your path to fitness savings

Sportsmans Warehouses’ partnership with Discovery Vitality brings a holistic approach to your running journey. You get a 25% discount every month on qualifying sports gear and equipment when you spend R2000 or less. All you have to do to get this discount is activate your Vitality Active Rewards and Vitality Age with a few clicks on the Discovery Vitality App, and complete your Vitality Health Check (VHC) at your nearest VHC point. Beyond this, if you achieve your weekly exercise goals, you get Fitness Booster discounts of up to 50% off fitness devices or Nike performance gear*. If you’re a customer of Discovery Bank and spend wisely, you can earn up to 75% off these Booster benefits. Since your discounts increase as you complete your health check and meet your exercise goals, you’re incentivised to be healthier while saving money. A serious win-win.

So, for every stride, sprint, or marathon you aim for, remember, Sportsmans Warehouse isn’t just a store; it's where South Africa finds its pace.

* There's a yearly spending limit depending on your chosen benefit.

Sportsmans Warehouse
From its start in 1986, Sportsmans Warehouse has grown into South Africa's leading sporting goods retailer. Our 46 stores and robust online platform are a testament to our unwavering commitment to sports enthusiasts.
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