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Preparing your game plan 2010

On the final day of Germany's World Cup, South Africa was thrust into the spotlight, and a four-year frenzy gearing up to 2010 has begun in earnest, but it requires careful planning and a creative strategy to ensure success from the World Cup and while some companies are already feeling the benefits, there will also be some losers.

"As we look out of the window at the world that lies ahead, looming large on the horizon is the 2010 World Cup. Over half the world will tune in just to watch the final game alone, nearly 400 000 people are expected to tour South Africa during the six-weeks of the competition, and estimates of GDP growth range from R20-billion to staggering figures that defy belief," says TomorrowToday.biz Head of Intellectual Property and GamePlan 2010 consultant, Dr Graeme Codrington.

GamePlan 2010 is a collaboration between well known soccer star and media commentator, Gary Bailey, and TomorrowToday.biz, a strategy consultancy that helps companies identify the mega trends that will impact all the people connected to their business.

The GamePlan 2010 team is assisting South African business in preparing for and optimising the opportunities this global sporting event offers.

"The reach of the event is not limited to external business, customer and profit-focused opportunities. There are also wonderful internal opportunities to motivate staff, drive transformation and diversity, and develop talent," says Bailey.

A presentation and workshop on the subject provides the facts and information required by leaders and teams within organisations, to grasp the magnitude of the opportunities (and threats) presented by the World Cup 2010. It goes further to provide a broader outline of the 2010 context.

"This training and development package will help ensure local business doesn't score any own goals in the next five-years."

For further information visit http://www.gameplan2010.com.

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