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New app can provide real-time services

Seee In, a soon-to-be-released app, aims to change the game with dual benefits that cater to both consumers and businesses. The app will provide businesses with a unique digital marketing and advertising solution, and consumers with geolocation of surrounding amenities.
Image credit: Pixabay via Pexels.

Garnering international interest, Seee In is a multifunctional global mobile virtual services platform that offers location-based digital shopping, access to information on surrounding amenities, marketing and advertising services and business intelligence.

For the business

Seee In will allow businesses to maximise their footprint and afford customers the convenience of virtual stores within a radius of 50 kilometres, as one of its offerings. Seee In app is created to distribute valuable content such as hot deals, specials, promotions and regular deals to its users based on their geo-location. By businesses making use of the Seee In mobile app, they can be found by consumers interested in their products.

Richard Magwaza, CEO at Seee In Communications says, “We have established a platform for various businesses to have access to their potential and current customers in an instant and within close proximity. Information that is relevant and caters to those particular consumers’ needs is communicated using the geo-location feature.

“Businesses that register with Seee In can maximise their advertising and marketing offering as they can adjust and diversify their tactics. The results of their marketing inbound strategies can be measured immediately because the app has an embedded analytics tool. These analytics enable a business to identify areas that need improvement, as well as highlight products and services that consumers like. Bearing in mind that every business is in operation to make a profit, this will positively impact their profits.”

With value-added services such as push notifications and adding of channels and tags - the service is cost-effective. The app goes in tandem with the increased use of smartphones in South Africa. According to StatsSA, in 2017 the number of smartphone users is expected to increase to 18.48 million. This makes Seee In a targeted and interactive platform that has a larger reach than traditional marketing and advertising.

For the customer

The e-commerce golden rush has seen the market being replete with multitudes of apps. Seee In is not an app riding on the tide because it is customer experience oriented. Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon said the key to making any business a success is in improving the customer experience. With the Seee In app, users will instantly be notified of specials and new promotions or deals and services. The app is customised so that the customer can see their preferred products. This content filtering feature enhances customer experience, as all notifications are sent based on user preference. The ability to see and share content with family and friends also allows customers to be turned into leads.

“The app also provides the customer with more information about a particular product. From the price, specials, deals, availability and location - the data is readily available. The time that would have been spent browsing through websites and catalogues trying to find what you are looking for can be used for other significant endeavours,” adds Magwaza.

“Consumers in this age are pressed for time and prefer to have access to a wide variety of options while they are on the move. They require convenience – a luxury of our time. That is the problem Seee In app solves for the consumer.”

Seee In users will be able to follow their preferred brands and stay up to date with not only new and improved products but also current products that have been discounted. With the widening drift from traditional loyalty points programs such as cards and stamps, Seee In gives customers an instant update on their loyalty point information.

Digital marketing is the future and mobile is the platform

Customer demand for online services is growing and any business should be able to claim its online market share. The Seee In app is a platform that will enable businesses (big or small) to understand the online marketplace by getting marketing data in real-time from the app, arming them with agility and actionable insights.

*Seee In app will be available in coming weeks.
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