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New Vision Media appoints Media Hype to sell the Elevator Media Channel (EMC)

Introduced by New Vision Media 18 months ago, the Elevator Media Channel (EMC) is now operational in 20 top high-rise office towers in and around Sandton, Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town CBDs. To support this growth New Vision Media has signed an exclusive agreement with Media Hype, a newly formed national specialised media sales company focusing on selling non-traditional targeted advertising space within various electronic mediums.

The EMC has established itself as a medium that reaches thousands of decision-makers every work day while they are in a receptive frame of mind in a captive environment, which results in a higher ad recall rate; something out of the reach of traditional media.

High quality 15-inch LCD screens are strategically positioned in elevators featuring full audio and video capabilities allowing advertisers to display normal screened adverts in conjunction with a scrolling news ticker supplied by News24.com.

"A journey in an elevator is usually punctuated by awkward silences and lowered glances. It offers an entertaining alternative, and with no competition in the elevator, guarantees high response and recall rates. With most passengers having instant access to some form of a communication device, like the internet on exiting the elevator, a call to action message is now more likely to lead to an immediate response," commented Warren Mitchell, Managing Director of Media Hype.

Some of the major brands who have already utilised the EMC are Microsoft, Mugg & Bean, Malaysia Airlines, iBurst and Woolworths.
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