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Factors influencing commercial property market - what investors should consider
Factors influencing commercial property market - what investors should consider

Covid-19 has wreaked havoc on most markets and commercial property is no exception, says Louis van Rooyen, broker for Rawson Properties Somerset West. However, there are still great opportunities...

1 day ago

Covid-19 sees CT CBD landlords, tenants cooperate to survive
Covid-19 sees CT CBD landlords, tenants cooperate to survive

From rent relief measures to the implementation of Covid-19 protocols, greater cooperation between commercial landlords and tenants in Cape Town's CBD...

2 days ago

Company News

Office subletting an emerging property trend

While flexible lease agreements and the restructuring of rentals are on the cards for many, given the current economic climate, little thought has been given to...

2 days ago

Sales and lease-back deals - quick liquid capital for commercial property owners

Many businesses are struggling financially due to the extended lockdown and freeing up capital has become a necessity to keep businesses operational...

By Gregg Huntingford 9 Jul 2020

Goodbye long leases, hello space as a service

We used to work in offices. For the past few months we've worked at home. Until fairly recently, those were really the only two options that most office workers had...

By Andrew Robinson 6 Jul 2020

In praise of the office: let's learn from Covid-19 and make the traditional workplace better

Having had to rapidly adjust to working from home due to Covid-19, many people are now having to readjust to life back in the office...

By Geoff Plimmer, Diep Nguyen, Esme Franken, Stephen Teo 29 Jun 2020

Did Covid-19 end the conventional corporate office lease?

The oversized conventional corporate headquarters model was already being scrutinised due to its cost implications before the arrival of Covid-19...

By David Seinker 23 Jun 2020

The death of the open-plan office? Not quite, but a revolution is in the air

"What will it take to encourage much more widespread reliance on working at home for at least part of each week?" asked Frank Schiff, the chief economist of the US Committee for Economic Development, in The Washington Post in 1979...

By Andrew Wallace 22 Jun 2020

New recovery textbook needed for post-Covid real estate landscape

Clawing back from the devastating global cascade of the sub-prime collapse of 2008/09, the real estate market had a tried and tested economic textbook roadmap...

17 Jun 2020

Considering human distancing - how to comply and why

Landlords and business owners are facing new uncertainties everyday due to the coronavirus pandemic. Chief among these anxieties is how they are required to adapt interiors and buildings to comply with new international regulations...

By Raghmah Solomon 15 Jun 2020

Planning is more important than prediction for Africa's property sector now

An understandable response to the economic fallout of Covid-19 is for governments, industries and businesses trying to predict the path that the global economy will take in the coming months and years...

By Gerhard Zeelie 9 Jun 2020

The post-Covid-19 office of the future

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted a whole new dimension to worker and building health...

By Estelle Meiring 9 Jun 2020

Pragmatic advice for landlords, tenants in a contracting economy

Some of South Africa's largest landlords have taken a pounding over the last two months with even our largest retailers, like Massmart, seeking rental relief...

By Gary Palmer 5 Jun 2020

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