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Gumtree SA offers free, unlimited listings for property agents
Gumtree SA offers free, unlimited listings for property agents

As of 1 July, professional real estate agents will be able to list unlimited properties on the Gumtree SA website for free...

1 day ago

Is your office space Covid-19 ready?
Is your office space Covid-19 ready?

It's time for us to accept that this pandemic and social isolation are here for a while. But in addition to that, our reality has changed, possibly for good...

By Bongani Nhlapo 2 days ago

Company news
Post-lockdown commercial property trends - early indications

In the last week or so, my team has noticed a number of early trends emerging in the commercial property market as more and more companies prepare to get back to work...

By Org Geldenhuys 29 May 2020

Commercial property: a long recovery, but opportunities for some

Having worked in the commercial property sector for many years, let me state a truth universally acknowledged, but often overlooked...

By Rick de Sousa 29 May 2020

Why it will be a shame if the office space is no more

It's been over two months since many of us last stepped into the office...

By David Seinker 28 May 2020

Surviving Covid-19 - Can I use my commercial property to unlock value?

In good times, many businesses choose to own their own property and rent to themselves. However, in more economically stressful times, there is a significant opportunity for these individuals to release this equity...

By Andrew Jefferson 28 May 2020

Redesigning workspaces for a post-Covid-19 world

Countries that have suffered the most severe outbreaks of Covid-19 are seeing infection rates level off as lockdowns and widespread restrictions on movement take effect...

By Michael Aldridge 15 May 2020

Pressure on office property market growing for many years, Covid-19 just boosted it

It is fashionable to have an opinion on how the Covid-19 crisis is "changing the world"...

By John Loos 12 May 2020

Impact of Covid-19 on location choice and future living spaces

Dr Andrew Golding, chief executive of the Pam Golding Property group, considers how the Covid-19 pandemic and ensuing economic crisis will impact on our choice and location of accommodation and living spaces...

12 May 2020

The future of green buildings in a post-Covid-19 world

The Covid-19 lockdown has offered us an unexpected opportunity to reflect on our relationship with the planet, and the insurmountable evidence of climate change and its impact on our everyday life...

By Brett Chrystal 11 May 2020

Property sectors likely to experience most severe pressure from economic recession

While there are risks to major property sectors over and above direct economic growth pressures, we examine which major property sectors are most at risk...

By John Loos 8 May 2020

#LockdownLessons: Save where you can, cut costs where you must - Grant Smee, Only Realty

Grant Smee, MD of Only Realty and founder of EPiC South Africa, shares his experience of the current Covid-19 crisis and how his organisation is navigating these unusual times...

By Sindy Peters 7 May 2020

Tips to keep your workspace clean and safe

The Covid-19 pandemic is a reminder to maintain a clean and safe workspace environment...

7 May 2020

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