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#BizTrends2021 - write them, own them, make them possible

There's never been a better time to rewrite the future or a better time to come on board to sponsor BizTrends...

Issued by 14 Sep 2020

Sustainability: The tectonic shift transforming investing

The past year has seen a marked shift in society's attitudes toward sustainability...

By Brian Deese 4 Aug 2020

#PulpNonFiction: Stranger than (science) fiction, how to get a head start on the future

In an age where fake news is a stranger to truth, and truth stranger than fiction, Bronwyn Williams provides insights as to why books and their authors are vital to understanding trends...

By Bronwyn Williams 3 Aug 2020

#BizTrends2020: Imagine the impossible

In order to stay in business, one needs to stay abreast with technology and remain up to date with the latest innovations...

By Odette van der Haar 24 Jan 2020

#BizTrends2020: Disrupting legacy African payments - going digital

A country's payments system is probably not the first thing we think of when we think about the challenge of economic development. But payments are key to the bottom-up economic growth urgently needed...

By Murray Gardiner 17 Jan 2020

#BizTrends2020: Women the winners as insurance gets personal

This time 100 years ago, the world was on the brink of The Roaring Twenties. It was a time of dramatic social and political change, of unprecedented personal freedom of choice, of unfettered consumerism. So as we enter 2020, not much has changed, then...

By Siyamthanda Williams 17 Jan 2020

#BizTrends2020: 2020 - Africa's year for digital disruption

A number of macro trends are delivering unhindered economic progress on the African continent, driving momentum and positioning Africa as a significant component of the world market...

By Geoffrey White 14 Jan 2020

#BizTrends2020: Innovations in fintech

Fintech is changing customers' experience and expectations by promoting a more client-centric and interactive approach to financial and banking services...

By Daniel Goldberg 13 Jan 2020

#BizTrends2020: What will happen in the crypto space?

Cryptocurrency is still something of an enigma for many investors, but will it become more mainstream as an asset class in 2020?

By Marius Reitz 10 Jan 2020

#BizTrends2020: Mobile-first generation is driving the financial services industry

With unprecedented technological advances and shifting customer and employee expectations, the South African insurance landscape is set to keep changing...

By Berniece Hieckmann 9 Jan 2020

#BizTrends2020: South Africa - challenges and opportunities in the year ahead

South Africa is experiencing a period of prolonged political and economic uncertainty, but the country's commitment to improving the local investment environment, combined with signs of future economic improvement, have resulted in increases in M&A value...

By Morne van der Merwe and Wildu du Plessis 8 Jan 2020

#BizTrends2020: How technology is driving innovation in the insurance industry

Technology has transformed every sphere of the world we live in and is arguably the single biggest force changing human behaviour and the nature of business...

Issued by FMI Insurance 8 Jan 2020

#BizTrends2020: 5 ways tech is changing insurance

It's no secret that the insurance sector is conservative by nature and has largely been slow to embrace technology.

By Travys Wilkens 8 Jan 2020

#BizTrends2020: SA's year for digital payments?

Could 2020 be the year in which South Africans finally dethrone cash as king and trust in the ease of electronic payments in the local payments market?

By Rutendo Hlatshwayo 8 Jan 2020

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