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A more ethical approach to waste disposal in the automotive repairer sector
A more ethical approach to waste disposal in the automotive repairer sectorArticle

The ethical disposal of noxious materials and substances, particularly in many commercial sectors, remains poorly regulated and difficult to enforce in SA...

Richard Green 8 hours ago

Malaria eradication by 2025, an achievable goal
Malaria eradication by 2025, an achievable goalArticle

African countries still bear the brunt of malaria's grip on the world, with approximately 70% of all infections occurring on this continent...

26 Apr 2021

SDG 17: The key behind ensuring our profession remains relevant
SDG 17: The key behind ensuring our profession remains relevantArticle

Every professional, regardless of whether they are an engineer, lawyer, doctor or accountant, exists to serve society...

Chantyl Mulder, Issued by SAICA 6 Apr 2021

A laboratory technician patient samples at the Amudat Hospital, Uganda. Laboratories are central to the delivery of high quality data in clinical trials. Paul Kamau
Innovation - and research - are key to killing off neglected tropical diseases in AfricaArticle

As a young medical doctor over 30 years ago, I had an experience no doctor wants to have. One of my patients, a young boy, died in my arms as we rushed him to the referral hospital in Nairobi, Kenya, to receive treatment...

Monique Wasunna 29 Jan 2021

Cricket SA launches Black Day ODI in support of fight against GBV
Cricket SA launches Black Day ODI in support of fight against GBVArticle

Cricket South Africa will on Saturday, 23 January, launch the Black Day One-Day International in Durban at the Hollywoodbets Kingsmead Cricket Stadium...

19 Jan 2021

Jacques Farmer, managing director, Prisma
Community development in the mining industry requires buy in and training to be effectiveArticle

The updated Mining Charter has highlighted a number of BBBEE legislative changes intended to facilitate support of surrounding communities by mining companies through skills upliftment, training and employment opportunities...

Jacques Farmer 19 Jan 2021

A challenging year lies ahead as digital economy evolves
A challenging year lies ahead as digital economy evolvesArticle

New banking regulations, digital consumers, the eradication of passwords, contactless technology - these are just some of the trends that will shape financial services and payments in 2021...

Gerhard Oosthuizen 14 Jan 2021

Professor Felicity Burt
SARS, MERS research paved way for rapid development of Covid-19 vaccinesArticle

Research on vaccines for the SARS and MERS viruses paved the way for more rapid development of a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine allowing candidate vaccines to reach clinical trial stages in record time...

8 Dec 2020

To suppress the Covid-19 pandemic, tens of millions of South Africans would have to be vaccinated. Nothing at that scale has been done here before. Photo: Armin Kübelbeck (CC-BY-SA via Wikimedia Commons)
Vaccinating tens of millions of people will be very difficultArticle

Three vaccine breakthroughs have sparked hope that the end of the Covid-19 pandemic is close. But vaccinating tens of millions of South Africans is going to be difficult...

James Stent & Nathan Geffen 27 Nov 2020

The polio eradication programme in Africa directly combated a severe debilitating disease. Yasuyoshi Chiba / AFP via Getty Images
How ending polio in Africa has had positive spinoffs for public healthArticle

Polio is a highly infectious disease. It's caused by a virus that enters the body through the mouth. The virus then multiplies in the intestine and attacks the central nervous system - causing paralysis...

Charles Shey Wiysonge 4 Nov 2020

The increasingly well-coordinated global anti-vaccine movement has repurposed itself to challenge the very reality of COVID-19. Hasan Esen/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images
Covid-19: A global survey shows worrying signs of vaccine hesitancyArticle

It has been nine months since the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared the outbreak of Covid-19, caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, a "public health emergency of international concern"...

Scott C Ratzan, Agnes Binagwaho, Heidi Larson, Jeffrey V Lazarus, Kenneth Rabin & Lawrence O Gostin 29 Oct 2020

TheDigitalArtist via
Value chains boost water security, SME growthArticle

A value-adding 'green' chain called Clear to Grow is being applied in areas around South Africa to reduce invasive alien plant species, boost local economic development, replenish water table levels and grassland environments, create micro industries, and provide entrepreneurial development...

28 Oct 2020

The Grand Hotel Taipei in Taiwan lights up rooms to mark five days with no new COVID-19 cases.
Is reaching zero Covid-19 possible?Article

Most scientists agree that stringent control measures, involving efficient contact tracing, testing and isolation, together with social distancing and mask wearing, are required to limit the spread of SARS-CoV-2. South Korea, Taiwan, China and New Zealand have all successfully used these approaches to suppress the virus...

Kingston Mills 22 Oct 2020

#WorldFoodDay: DHL kicks off 1 million meals campaign
#WorldFoodDay: DHL kicks off 1 million meals campaignArticle

This World Food Day, held annually on 16 October, DHL Express is launching its 1 million meals campaign which will see the organisation offer support to South African food distribution charities...

15 Oct 2020

This is the HIV combination treatment pill of choice (though this is only one of several brands) for newly diagnosed HIV patients in South Africa. The regimen has proven very effective at suppressing HIV, and patients tolerate it well, but it is associated with obesity in women.
Weight gain worries for newer HIV treatment regimensArticle

A new study led by Ezintsha, a University of the Witwatersrand-based HIV treatment research group, has revealed that newer antiretroviral (ARV) treatment regimens lead to worryingly high levels of weight gain, particularly in women....

James Stent 2 Oct 2020

Image source:  on .
Beyond Women's Month (Part 1)Article

Solani Hlayisi, group account director at Wunderman Thompson and Babalwa Nyembezi, head of digital at Net#work BBDO discuss Women's Day and the role brands and corporates could play in meaningfully engaging with this day...

Solani Hlayisi & Babalwa Nyembezi 14 Aug 2020

Green economy recovery: Women leading their emancipation
Green economy recovery: Women leading their emancipationArticle

On the 9th of August 1956, courageous women of South Africa decided they had experienced enough oppression and exclusion in the economy, which subjected them to living in abject poverty...

Bonani Madikizela 13 Aug 2020

bobbycrim via
The cotton sector: A myriad of challenges, a world of opportunitiesArticle

While considerable effort has already been made, massive growth in the local market is needed to diversify South African cotton into new markets...

Cobus de Bruyn 11 Aug 2020

Karoo farmers take to the sky to curb the spread of invasive alien plants
Karoo farmers take to the sky to curb the spread of invasive alien plantsArticle

"During the past four decades, the southern and northern slopes, as well as the mountain tops of the Outeniqua Mountains have fallen prey to the aggressive spread of invasive alien plants, in particular wattle and pine trees."

13 Jul 2020

Anopheles Stephensi, Sem. Photo By BSIP/Universal Images Group via Getty Images
Breakthrough: microbe found to block the transmission of malariaArticle

Malaria has been a terrible human disease from before the neolithic period up to present day. It has likely caused more human deaths than any other infectious agent...

Jeremy Herren 9 Jun 2020

Smart cities in the time of physical distancing
Smart cities in the time of physical distancingArticle

When the State of Disaster was announced as the Covid-19 crisis hit South Africa, a new set of rules began to form, and with it a new set of questions and challenges...

Bouwer Serfontein 2 Jun 2020

Children are a high-risk population prone to severe complications from malaria. Shutterstock
Why malaria treatment shouldn't take a back seat to Covid-19Article

Ridding the world of malaria in the near future is a very ambitious goal. Efforts to achieve it have already been weakened by governments shifting resources from malaria control and elimination initiatives to the fight against Covid-19...

Jaishree Raman 15 May 2020

Vaccines are some of the most equitable and cost-effective health interventions available. ranplett/GettyImages
Why a campaign to champion all vaccines matters now more than everArticle

World Immunisation Week is celebrated in the last week of April every year. The aim is to recognise efforts to develop new vaccines and increase vaccination coverage worldwide...

Katherine E Gallagher, Anthony Scott, Ifedayo Adetifa, John Ojal, Shirine Voller & Wangeci Kagucia 5 May 2020

Covid-19: Africa urgently needs an ubuntu plan
Covid-19: Africa urgently needs an ubuntu planArticle

Africa urgently needs a globally coordinated ubuntu plan in response to Covid-19, a fiscal stimulus that recognises our shared and connected humanity...

Dr Victor Oladokun 30 Mar 2020

Why plantations are not green deserts
Why plantations are not green desertsArticle

Ahead of the United Nations' International Day of Forests on 21 March, Forestry South Africa research and protection director Dr Ronald Heath talks about how the commercial forestry industry is leading the way in conserving and rehabilitating areas of high biodiversity value. He also challenges people to think differently about plantations...

Dr Ronald Heath 19 Mar 2020

The Clothing Bank marks a decade of empowering the unemployed
The Clothing Bank marks a decade of empowering the unemployedArticle

The Clothing Bank has for the past decade provided more than 3,000 women in South Africa with the opportunity to achieve financial independence through reselling clothes...

17 Mar 2020

SAIBPP calls for clarity on mandate of new state bank
SAIBPP calls for clarity on mandate of new state bankArticle

Land must be released for property development in order to drive investment and transformation...

Tholo Makhaola 6 Mar 2020

Image source:
KZN to stake its claim as Africa's MICE and bleisure tourism destinationArticle

"There is a large market of travellers who come for business but extend their stay by a few extra days in order to explore the country...We want these 'bleisure' delegates to come to KwaZulu-Natal where we have, not only the finest business events venues and infrastructure but also culture, nature and wildlife."

24 Feb 2020

AU Summit: African leaders focus on eradicating malnutrition by 2025
AU Summit: African leaders focus on eradicating malnutrition by 2025Article

Addressing malnutrition and stunting at the 33rd African Union Summit, it was noted that while African countries have made progress, more needs to be done to hit the United Nations malnutrition eradication targets by 2025...

10 Feb 2020

Trees in South Africa are under attack. Why it's proving hard to manage
Trees in South Africa are under attack. Why it's proving hard to manageArticle

A tree-killing beetle that invaded South Africa two years ago and wreaked havoc in the country's towns and cities still hasn't been declared an emergency plant pest...

Trudy Paap 6 Feb 2020

Biodiversity loss adds to economic woes, research shows
Biodiversity loss adds to economic woes, research showsArticle

The Ramsar Convention decided on the international theme of 'Wetlands and biodiversity' for the year 2020...

Bonani Madikizela 28 Jan 2020

Putting trade to work to balance agriculture and environmental factors
Putting trade to work to balance agriculture and environmental factorsArticle

Trade is a way that countries can tap into their own local advantages and close food security gaps, says FAO Director-General QU Dongyu...

19 Jan 2020

Oriental fruit fly eradicated in the Northern Cape
Oriental fruit fly eradicated in the Northern CapeArticle

The Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development has confirmed the successful eradication of the invasive fruit fly species Oriental fruit fly in the Pixley ka Seme and ZF Mgcawu District Municipalities in the Northern Cape...

23 Dec 2019

We are using computer models to fight drug resistanceArticle

The infectious disease burden in Africa is very high, particularly for tuberculosis (TB), malaria and HIV/Aids...

Ozlem Tastan Bishop 13 Dec 2019

A Nigerian child receives a dose of the polio vaccine. EPA
Complacency could delay the final push to eradicate polioArticle

Great strides have been made in the global effort to eradicate polio. Reported cases of wild poliovirus have decreased by over 99% from an estimated 350,000 cases in 1988 to 33 in 2018...

Villyen Motaze & Melinda Suchard 4 Dec 2019

Africa is home to 92% of malaria cases and 93% of malaria deaths. Shutterstock
Collaboration pushes frontiers of anti-malaria drug regimesArticle

More than 200 million people around the world suffered from malaria in 2017. Over 400,000 died. The vast majority - around 90% - were in Africa, where many are all too familiar with the devastating impact of the disease...

Kelly Chibale & Richard Gordon 19 Nov 2019

Innovative efforts have been put in place to reach populations in partially and totally inaccessible parts of Borno state. Wikimedia Commons
Valuable lessons from Nigeria's marathon effort to eradicate polioArticle

The theme for World Health Day in 1995 was Target 2000 - A World Without Polio. I delivered a lecture titled Polio Eradication Race: Will Nigeria Finish Last? to mark the occasion. Finishing last seemed likely because in the 1990s Nigeria's routine immunisation rates were in the 30%-40% range for all vaccine preventable diseases...

Oyewale Tomori 21 Oct 2019

Primedia Outdoor joins voices around the world to call on more people to demand that 'Malaria Must Die'
Primedia Outdoor joins voices around the world to call on more people to demand that 'Malaria Must Die'Article

The campaign, 'Malaria Must Die, So Millions Can live', was launched this week in South Africa by Primedia Outdoor using digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising activations to inspire people to join the world's first voice petition to end malaria...

Issued by Primedia Outdoor 15 Oct 2019

Emira tackles invasive bug infestation in Joburg
Emira tackles invasive bug infestation in JoburgArticle

In 2017, the polyphagous shot hole borer (Euwallacea fornicatus) - or PSHB - was detected for the first time on London plane trees in the KwaZulu-Natal National Botanical Gardens, in Pietermaritzburg. Since then, evidence of the beetle's presence has been found in 151 species within South Africa...

1 Oct 2019

The oral polio vaccine is most commonly used in the developing world, despite one big problem.
CDC/Alan Janssen, MSPH, CC BY
A newly designed vaccine may help stamp out remaining polio cases worldwideArticle

Public health organisations around the world have been fighting for global eradication of polio since 1988. Through massive vaccination efforts, the incidence of polio has gone down 99% since then, with the virus eradicated from most of the countries on Earth...

Patricia L Foster 17 Sep 2019

East Coast Fever, a threat on South Africa's doorstep
East Coast Fever, a threat on South Africa's doorstepArticle

A fatal cattle disease that was eradicated in South Africa in 1954 is back on our doorstep and poses a serious threat to the health of the national herd, food security, and the economic wellbeing of especially small farmers...

Peter Oberem 29 Aug 2019

How The Appliance Bank is helping support the unemployed through entrepreneurship
How The Appliance Bank is helping support the unemployed through entrepreneurshipArticle

In partnership with household appliance companies and retailers, The Appliance Bank (TAB) is helping provide income-generating opportunities for SA's unemployed men...

15 Aug 2019

Hepatitis is a major public health burden. Shutterstock
The WHO wants to rid the world of hepatitis by 2030: why it's a tough askArticle

Four years ago, the World Health Organisation (WHO) rolled out its global strategy to eliminate hepatitis by 2030. Known as a "silent killer" disease, hepatitis is a viral disease that causes inflammation of the liver...

Pauline Bakibinga 31 Jul 2019

Tsogo Sun rises against hunger for Madiba
Tsogo Sun rises against hunger for MadibaArticle

For the sixth year, Tsogo Sun Hotels will be rising against hunger for Mandela Day by providing thousands of volunteers a venue to pack nutritional meals at the Sandton Convention Centre...

16 Jul 2019

Image source:
Post-school education for allArticle

If everything goes according to plan, students from all district municipalities will have access to post-school training institutions...

15 Jul 2019

Tijjani Muhammad-Bande, Nigeria’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations.
Africa helping to shape the worldArticle

"Africa is not a peripheral part of the world. So, as a responsible part of the global community, Africa must be making contributions that shape the world, solving the problems of the world..."

Kingsley Ighobor 3 Jul 2019

Heralding a new era in how businesses get work done
Heralding a new era in how businesses get work doneArticle

The desire for quicker, most efficient and secure communication within a business environment is what's driving the rapid adoption of modern collaboration tools...

Shaun Dicker 3 Jul 2019

Empowering women entrepreneurship through digital skills
Empowering women entrepreneurship through digital skillsArticle

The latent entrepreneurial capabilities of women have been gradually coming to the fore with the developments in socio-political environment in society, and in this respect, South Africa is no exception...

Fathima Ussuph, Issued by Regent Business School 28 Jun 2019

Rush to spend infrastructure millions in Uitenhage
Rush to spend infrastructure millions in UitenhageArticle

In March the Treasury gave Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Municipality R200m for the eradication of the bucket system, electrification of shacks, and fixing of roads and infrastructure. The money has to be spent by the end of June...

Thamsanqa Mbovane 21 Jun 2019

uMgeni Valley Nature Reserve. Image source:
uMngeni Valley proclaimed a nature reserveArticle

Instigated in 2012, it has taken seven years for the uMngeni Valley to be proclaimed a nature reserve. The process was officially gazetted on 16 May 2019...

10 Jun 2019

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